Flesh tunnels

Tunnels consist of sterling silver, brass, stainless steel or natural materials such as various types of wood, bone or buffalo horn. From the latter, they are hand-carved and receive a variety of shapes and colors. Organic piercing jewelry offers a high level of comfort due to the always warm temperature and the tight fit of the material in the ear. You can also buy our Organic Tunnels with a clear conscience because no animal has been slaughtered for them. We buy the bone and horn from farmers who use the whole animal and keep it humanely. What you do not use, the horn and the bones, is sold and can be processed by us to beautiful pieces of jewelry. These are carved and partially handpainted.

Tunnel Earrings

Also our tunnels of brass, stainless steel and sterling silver show similar designs. They have patterns in tribal style or Balinese craftsmanship, also in organic jewelry popular motifs such as the flower of life, the tree of life or the Circles of Life are taken up here. These metal tunnels have other advantages, so they are very stable and 925 sterling silver is usually well tolerated even for sensitive skin. Also, with a little polishing of 925 sterling silver, you can keep it shiny for a lifetime. Diverse are the different motives through the different types of wood in the Holz Organic tunnels and the colorful possibilities in the stainless steel tunnels. Each wood has a typical structure and grain, be it stripes, dots, spots, different shades or solid colors in light, blood red or almost black. However, this ear jewelry really requires stretched ear holes, or is also used for stretching, so our sizes range depending on the model of about 1 mm to about 50 mm. TunneldesignsIn tunnels the stitch canal remains visible with piercing. This can be designed so that the tunnel forms only a narrow edge, or leaves only a small gap or is indeed open, but above the opening is a carved ornament, between whose cavities you can see through. Often there are also mixtures of plug and tunnel, these show diverse motives from the front, but are open from the back.
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