Handmade Silberringe

Handmade Sterling Silberringe gehämmert, gebürstet oder mit Edelsteinen.

Septum-Piercings | Ringe | Stecker | Fakes

NEU!!! Fake Septums Nasenringe Nasenstecker und die stylischsten echten Septums findest du hier

flesh-tunnels | Plugs | Dehnungszubehör

Über 1000 Flesh Tunnel Plug Organic Holz Sattel Fit Ohr Piercing Double Flared sowie Laser Gravur Piercing Schmuck

Flesh-Plugs aus Edelstahl, Messing und holz

Einzigartige Tunnels und Flesh-Plugs in Top Qualität aus hochwertigen Materialien findest du hier

Tunnelcreolen Ohrgewichte Ear Weights Plugs

Schau dir unsere Auswahl an Donuts und Ohrgewichte an, um tolle, einzigartige oder spezialgefertigte, handgemachte Stücke aus Holz, Messing oder Stein zu entdecken!

Piercing jewelry on Chic-net.de

Inexpensive silver jewelry for your appearance

Reasons for Chic-Net

You value a fashionable look and are regularly looking for suitable jewellery and stylish accessories? Our excellently set up and internationally trendy online shop is just the right place for this! Whether elegant earrings, trendy bracelets or an extravagant piercing, in the Chic Net shop you can order jewellery online that suits your taste. We offer you a broad portfolio of attractive pieces made of high-quality materials and we are sure that you will find a gem or two. But we are worldwide on the search for the newest trends, these we bring directly into our online shop, so that each week new models are to be discovered. We design many pieces ourselves, you can only find these unique designs here - as a manufacturer we offer you the best prices for high-quality jewellery! In the piercing section you will find bio-processed expanders, tunnels and fake piercings made of unique types of wood. Are you looking for information about the latest styling trends or about piercing, piercing care and piercing novelties? Whether silver rings, silver earrings, silver ear studs or belly button piercing, labret piercing and septum piercing jewellery - we offer the latest designs and high-quality workmanship in all areas. Our clearly arranged FAQs take up these topics in detail - no matter if you are a newcomer or a professional, everyone is well advised here. Take a look around and discover your new favourite jewellery at Chic-Net. We wish you a lot of fun while browsing!

Great piercing and jewelry shop: well stocked and low

As an experienced jewelery dealer, it is our aim, you always offer the best and latest in jewelry. We identify trends before they become this and let us choose our products get inspired by other cultures: An excellent example of this is our Hoops from Indonesian Sonoholz - unusual trinkets that in our piercing shop particularly favorable buy ". Very popular when it comes to modern earrings are currently Wooden Plugs and Fake Piercing code, such as our Biohazard icon Fake Piercing in expander stretching rod design. But even in the segment Tunnel Ear jewelery to expect from us a diverse range that meets almost every need!

As an experienced jewellery dealer it is our claim to always offer you the best and latest in piercing plug jewellery. Our tubes, flesh tunnels and flesh plugs are handmade for you. An organic piercing plug is made of wood, horn or bone and lets your skin breathe while wearing. You are not only looking for Lobe Piercings? Besideshttps:flesh plugs and tunnels we also offer other body piercings such as circular barbell, ball closure ring or a piercing clamping ring. Also piercing ear Tragus pieces of jewelry are numerously represented. For universal piercings we also like to use acrylic or metal such as stainless steel and brass. Our selection of special piercings includes jewelry like the piercing ring, the helix or tunnel piercing and different possibilities to stretch an existing piercing. Brand new and very popular are our organic ear weights made of wood, brass, copper and real stones. The designs are unisex wearable and real eye-catchers. You want to put your stretched ears in the right light? With our extravagant ear weights this is guaranteed!

Necklaces, brass jewelry, wedding rings and jewels from Sterlingsliber

But not only when you want to decorate your ears with unique rings, hoops or extensors you are right with us. Also, if you rave about failed BRASS JEWELLERY Wish dreamlike
WIDDING RINGS sterling silver or want to buy pretty NECKLACE online, our shop is an excellent choice.


But not only if you want to decorate your ears with unique rings, creoles or stretchers you are right with us. Also if you love unusual brass jewellery, dreamlike wedding rings made of sterling silver, or pretty ladies necklaces to buy online, our piercing shop is an excellent choice. You like it simple, classic and elegant? In this case we recommend that you take a closer look at our enchanting SILVER EARRINGS.

Gold filled Silver or Brass gold-plated jewellery

With more than 30000 articles in this category you have in our jewellery shop the proverbial agony of choice. This can be seen in the gold-plated jewellery: we offer you sterling silver and copper jewellery covered with a layer of gold and gold-plated, as well as an absolute novelty: the gold filled process. A layer of 14 carat gold is permanently bonded to a metal core, e.g. brass. This gold layer is approx. 50 to 100 times thicker than classic gold plating, the gold content is 5%. You love gold jewellery but don't want to spend a fortune? Nevertheless, it should last a long time and remain permanently beautiful? Then Gold-filled jewellery is just right! Gold plated we offer not only chains, bracelets and pendants, but also complete jewellery sets. Of course, you will also find particularly coveted pieces such as the Cultured Pearl Earring gold-plated, because pearls ear jewellery is one of our specialties. Our selection of silver pearl earrings is very extensive, but we also offer great gold earrings with pearls and stones. Here you will surely discover your favourite piece!

If you are looking for a first-class piercing shop that is inexpensive and offers a fabulous product range from silver bracelets to copper necklaces and corals to pearl pendants, chic-net.de is the top address for you! We look forward to welcoming you as one of our satisfied customers.

Unique jewellery of high quality

As a manufacturer and retailer with many years of experience in the jewelry and piercing sector, we particularly recommend variety and the latest trends:

Silver Rings: Fingerrings made of sterling silver are chic everyday companions and with us you have free choice. What would you like? A filigree narrow ring or rather wide and solid? Do you prefer simple silver rings or extravagant with gems? Enjoy browsing through our comprehensive range.

Silver Earrings: Silver earrings are a must for the fashion-conscious woman. Women can't go wrong with that, sterling silver is the classic earrings. You love it more conspicuous and colorful? No problem - we have great silver earrings with stones, pearls, shells and crystals.

Silver stud earrings : Do Stud earrings interfere with everyday life or do you like it more subtle? Then take a look at our practical Silver stud earrings. We have the right thing for every style, whether it's punk or rock, feminine and funky, gothic, vintage or boho.

Belly-button piercing : If you wear a navel piercing, you are sure to find it at Chic-Net, whether for men or women. You are looking for a hip belly button piercing for the next pool party? Popular are silver piercings with shivaeye, as well as brass banana piercings with the flower or the tree of life.

Labret piercing : A labret designates both a certain form of piercing and the part of the body where it is mainly worn: the lips. You want to put your lips in scene? With our unisex motifs you will surely find a suitable lip piercing or Labrets.

Septum Piercing Jewellery : This is represented with us particularly numerously, all the same whether genuine septum or fake rings. The septum has become a very popular piercing jewelry for men and women - and if you want to stand out from the crowd, grab the unique septum of Chic-Net!

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