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Wooden jewelry for a natural-looking look. No other material gives jewelry such a natural effect as wood. Especially in a natural look, wood jewelry sets accents with its warm radiance and underlines a naturally beautiful look. But even in combination with 925 sterling silver or stainless steel, wood sets accents in pieces of jewelery - or comes in colorful optics with paintings effectively to advantage. In the Chic-Net-Shop we carry a multitude of pieces of jewelery made of wood, ranging from earrings, wooden chains and wooden pendants to piercings. Opt for wood jewelry that stands for sustainability and at the same time lets fashion accessories stand out in a special way.
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Sustainable wooden jewelry with fashionable look

Wood jewelry can be found in our shop in numerous designs. Natural jewelery in the form of earrings, bangles or necklaces can be found in our range as well as eye-catching, hand-painted designs in radiantly beautiful colors. Creatively decorated and painted, our wood ornaments resemble true works of art - each piece of jewelery is a unique piece that does not exist again in exactly the same way. With wood jewelery you rely on sustainability: Our jewelery consists of different types of wood, such as coconut shell or Sono wood from Thailand and Indonesia. None of the wood used is banned or protected and has a negative impact on the environment. Rather, we attach great importance to protecting the natural resource and to produce our wood jewelry in the sense of environmental sustainability. The theme of sustainability combines in our wood jewelry with a noble, incomparable look. Versatile wooden jewelry Buy trendy wooden accessories, from wooden arm jewelry on earrings, chains and pendants made of wood, rings and hoops. You can also find piercings made of wood in our shop - for example navel piercings, expanders, tunnels and plugs. Who does not want to wear real piercing, can achieve the same effect with our fake piercings made of wood and this without any stretched ear holes. As you would like to wear or combine our wood jewelry - it is something very special in every variation
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