wood chains

Wooden chains of hand-carved pendants in various shapes and sizes of typical grained Sonoholz on a cotton chain or other chains make our diverse and well-made chains. But also colorful or discreetly brown long wooden chains made of coconut wood chips with grain or long wooden beaded chains can be found here in our Chic-Net Online Shop. A special highlight are our surfer chains, which are available in different types of wood as well as handpainted. Most chains are adjustable or very long. Our wooden chains are part of organic jewelry and can be combined well with other organic pieces of jewelry. Our wooden chains are unisex wearable and make a good impression on men and women, they look casual and summery.

Fashion Jewelry Chains with Wooden Pendant

Many of our wooden chains are made of a black cotton thread attached to a wooden pendant. The black cotton thread fits perfectly with the natural grain of the wood and stays in the background, so that the pendant draws its full attention. The pendants come in many different shapes and patterns. The processed Sonoholz is more of dark wood and impresses with its beautiful appearance. Other wooden chains are adjustable over two wooden beads on a leather strap, others are so long that you can put them around your neck several times. Our skull chains with small wooden beads are not adjustable, but so long that they fit everyone. High quality wooden chains Sono wood is a subspecies of ebony. It comes from Indonesia and is characterized by a hard, smooth surface and by the very beautiful grain. This is not a protected species of wood, neither in Indonesia nor on the Endangered Species List. This wood has been used since ancient times for jewelry and carvings. Sono is a fast-growing tree, which clearly differentiates it from other tropical tree species, such as the well-known ebony or mahogany, all of which have very slow growth. Our wooden chains are suitable for both women and men. Mainly the unisex surfer chains, as well as the skull chains and carved pendants are optimally suitable for men. In our shop you will find pendants in the form of spirals, shamrocks, geckos, clefs, dolphins and the peace sign. Some wooden pendants are colorful and hand-painted with little flowers or other patterns. Take a look at the category of hand-carved wooden chains.
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