nose rings

Nose rings in different sizes and colors can be found in our online shop. Exotic and beautifully crafted are our gold brass brass tribal septum nose rings. The septums are made of nickel-free brass and are particularly kind to the skin. The basic color of Brass Brass Tribal Septum Nose Rings is golden to coppery and are partly dark oxidized and show different patterns. The designs of the septums show ornate antique patterns. Some are combined with gemstones and available in different colors. For example, we offer nasal septums with the gemstones garnet, turquoise and agate. Likewise, combinations with mother of pearl or paua abalone shell are represented. But our nose rings are not just septums, we also offer Nostril rings and plugs, some with faceted glass crystals. And for your Bridge Piercing you will find different bars in the Straight Barbell Piercing category.

Nose Rings and Alternatives

The piercing septum rings are nickel free and are simply inserted into the nostril with an opening in the ring. But not only for piercings we have septums on offer, because we also offer a variety of fake piercings. These septums are open on one side and provided with small balls so that they can be optimally clamped to the nose, without the sharp edges pressing into the skin. The difference between right septums and fake piercings is not visible and is thus an optimal alternative to a real nose ring. Tribal Style Nose Rings and Other Styles The Brass Brass Tribal Septum Nose Rings can be combined with our other Brass Jewelery such as Brass Rings, Chains or Earrings. In our online shop you will find large nose rings that are very striking but also small dainty septums. We offer the septums in different strengths, so you can find the right nose ring for every hole size. A tribal brass septum in gold looks oriental, but we also offer silver, black and rose gold variants. In addition to brass, materials are also sterling silver and stainless steel. Some of them are combined with faceted glass crystals to make you sparkle. Discreet than the septums are our filigree Nostril rings, which are usually decorated with small rhinestones. And who wants it even smaller, access to our nose plugs, these are also good to make eye-catching piercings in the profession more discreet. Our barbells from the other categories are suitable for bridge Piercingträger.
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