Nose piercing

Which piercings are possible on the nose?

The term nose piercing is first of all an umbrella term for different types of piercing on the nose. Piercing means quite simply that something is pierced, and at the nose there are several possibilities, or places. So one can pierce the nostrils, the nasal septum, the cartilage at the tip of the nose, or even simultaneously through the nasal septum and both nostrils, as well as at the end of the bridge of the nose, almost between the eyes. Depending on the location, the jewelry looks different, so rings, plugs, as well as rods and barbells are used. Some of the piercings are delicate and filigree, they look elegant and feminine. Others, on the other hand, are eye-catching and should look cool instead of chic.

The well-known classic - the Nostril Piercing

The well-known nose ring was brought to us from India, where the hippies discovered this trend for themselves. Also in Indian primitive peoples the nose piercing in different forms is a long tradition. And yet it is sometimes worn quite differently than it is modern here today. The well-known nostril piercing is for example stitched several times on both sides of the trunk of the Matis and used in such a way that the wearer looks as if he had whiskers like a jaguar. The ring worn by Indian women is worn on the left side according to the Ayurveda teachings in order to make it easier for women to give birth. In the western world, on the other hand, a nose-ring or nose-plug on the nostril serves only to increase one's own attractiveness. The nose piercing by a nose wing is called Nostril Piercing, here different plugs or rings are worn. For example, we offer straight Nostril plugs without a special end, then straight plugs with a mini ball at the end, as well as curved, L-shaped plugs or ends that look like a U-shaped, these are made of metal, as well as soft, bendable acrylic. So everyone can test different variants and find his favorite variant, is then selected according to criteria such as: how easy is the insertion, how does the wearing feel and how stable is this piercing in my nose. It is also a matter of taste if you prefer hard metal or soft acrylic. Best you test yourselves simply times by all variants through.

Tips for piercing the piercing

The triumph of the Nostril Nasenpiercing took place by the way from the Hippies to the Punks up to well-known Rockstars and finally it established itself in the youth culture. Whether you wear a ring or a plug depends on the taste of the wearer and of course you can vary it. As well-known and popular as this nose piercing is, it has one disadvantage: the stinging, because many nerve tracts run in the nostrils, it could even hit the trigeminal nerve. The consequence is logical: the stinging of a nostril is not exactly painless. All the more important that you choose an experienced piercer who punches with a cannula. He also makes sure that the needle does not injure the nasal septum. If you go to the jeweller instead and have the tissue shot through with an earhole pistol, you risk it tearing.

The shooting star among the nose piercings: the septum

Another very popular and well-known nasal piercing is the septum, which runs through the connective tissue that is located below the cartilage of the nasal septum. A septum nose piercing is much more conspicuous and a very different style than the nostril. The spirits also differ: some love it, others think of it as the nose ring of an ox. There are no limits to your imagination in terms of design, there are both the cool variants with skulls, the Indian oriental variants with arches and dot patterns, as well as the femininely playful variants with flowers, birds or glitter stones. Also it does not have to be a nose ring, which is threaded by the Piercing, there is also the reverse variant: a Circular Barbell, which is inserted in such a way that the ring part runs by the nose, while the ball ends look from the nostrils. Also these horseshoe piercings are very popular. With the Septum "rings" there are also different variants, we offer e.g. Clicker with a rod, which can be clicked on and to, as well as rings with bendable ends in different strengths.

Interesting historical facts

Interesting and striking is the fact that in the western world the Nostril Piercing is much more common than the Septum, while among the primitive peoples and tribes it is exactly the other way around: the Septum was worn by far more peoples than the Nostril Nasenpiercing. In addition, it was worn by men and women, especially warriors adorned themselves with it or used it as a deterrent. Among the primitive peoples, the septums were often made from animal bones or bird feathers, rarely also from human bones of an enemy. Gold and jade were also worn as septum rings.
Important is also the septum nose piercing a piercer with experience, because it should be hit if possible no cartilage. Not only because this is more painful, but also because then abscess and inflammation threaten. So better let only a professional do the work here.

The exotic: the Nasallang Nose Piercing

Next we present you a rather rare piercing, because it combines the nostril piercing with the septum: the nasallang. Originally it was the sign of bravery in war for warriors in India. The Nasallang can be imagined as two nostril piercings (one on each nostril) and a very high pricked septum piercing in between, all on one level and connected by a straight barbell. It can be created by extending an existing nostril or septum nose piercing with the other two piercings, or you can have all three pierced at once. So the Nasallang is still a symbol of bravery today, because for this the normal septum must be pricked higher, it penetrates the cartilage, which is much more unpleasant than only the connective tissue (the case with the normal septum). Also it is anything but easy, your piercer should have real experience here, firstly it reduces the pain and secondly you certainly don't feel like a crooked nasal long. Because for this piercing the three single piercings must all lie horizontally on a line, so that at the end a straight barbell rod can be led through. Of course it is easier to get this nose piercing straight if you stitch all three single piercings at once. For this you have to go through pain and healing at the same time in three places at once, this is faster, but more violent.

Nothing for beginners: the Bridge Piercing!

Another unusual nose piercing is located at the root of the nose, between the eyes: the so-called bridge piercing: this nose piercing uses a curved barbell, but only the ends can be seen, which can be designed as balls, points or otherwise. Here it is not quite easy to hit the right spot, if it is set wrong, the field of vision can be restricted under certain circumstances, which of course is not desired. Also it can seem wrongly set fast crooked, therefore applies also here: looks for a piercer with experience. This has still another reason: directly under the place of the Bridge Nasenpiercings brain nerves run, if it is stung too deeply or inflamed it, this can have fatal consequences. This has to be recognized and treated quickly. Even pressure on the piercing can damage the nerve tracts, therefore it counts to one of the most dangerous piercings at all. For beginners without any experience with other piercings it is therefore absolutely unsuitable.

Tips for long durability

Why should you use a curved barbell instead of a straight barbell? A straight barbell is located closer to the surface of the skin, which increases the risk of it growing out, whereas a curved barbell is much less dangerous. Important also: you should pay attention not to get stuck on the piercing, because also this favors a growing out. The piercing owes its name by the way to its place in the face, because it forms a bridge between the eyes.
Striking and rare: Austin Bar and Rhino Piercing at the tip of the nose
Now we end up with the rarest of our nose piercings: the Austin Bar. This piercing runs only through the tip of the nose, it is not pierced through the nasal septum and does not reach through the inside of the nose, but only through the front cartilage cap. There it can also be stung vertically - but then it is called Rhino-Piercing. The straight barbell is used here as jewellery. These two piercings have a decisive disadvantage: they go directly through the cartilage tissue and generally applies: this to piercing causes strong pain. So these piercings are definitely very painful to pierce. But they are also real exotics, you see them really rare. So if you are courageous, you can dare to use these two types of nose piercing.

Material and jewellery

In general, care and hygiene should not be neglected with any nose piercing. A good piercer will advise you on this and you will also find many useful tips and hints on how to care for your nose piercing and how to deal with a fresh, newly stitched piercing in the FAQ section. As for plugs and rings, as well as barbells, you will find in the section jewelry types both nose rings (here you can also find the nose plugs, septum clickers and septum rings) as well as Straight Barbells and Circular Barbells. Our piercings are available in different sizes and strengths, everyone should find the right one here. Also the material selection includes brass, surgical steel, 925 sterling silver, wood, horn, bone and acrylic and Bioflex.
Now we wish you a lot of joy while browsing for suitable jewellery and choosing the right nose piercing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team.

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