Pendants are a great way to customize your...

necklace pendant

Pendants are a great way to customize your necklace, because here can vary a lot: conspicuous or small, subtle or gaudy, long or short chain and of course material and motif. Matching our huge selection of pendants, we also offer various empty chains to attach and showcase them well. Stylish and noble are the Italian silver chains, antique golden and in various lengths are our brass chains. High contrast appear the black rubber chains and colorful and interesting shaped are our stainless steel necklaces. Some pendants of this category are actually charms, which means they carry a lobster clasp and can therefore be attached everywhere, eg on bracelets or handbags.

Variety of materials and designs

We offer pendants from a wide range of materials, including resin, gilded jewelry, sterling silver and silicone, but also a lot of natural materials such as wood, cultured pearls, Murano glass, or mother of pearl pendant, coral pendant, Nautilus and snail shell pendant. In addition, chain pendant with Shivaauge or brass or glass. Also popular are the sparkling glittering variants of glass crystal, as well as the glitter ball pendants and the zirconia pendants. Versatile are our gemstone pendants, as well as the creative creations of the Spidermuschelanhängern. Our brass pendants are even always delivered with a simple brass chain. There are also special designs such as functional perfume bottles, saber tooth shapes or bells and bells. Otherwise, the pendants like shapes like hearts, circles, ellipses or diamonds, as well as the Balinese jewelry design. Even animals are very popular with Animal Design, how about a frog or koala with a shivaeye or a silver toad? Combination possibilities of the pendantsBecause our pendants can be assigned to so many different categories, naturally numerous combination possibilities offer themselves. On the one hand you can combine according to material, such as a silver pendant, a silver ring and silver earrings with the same gemstone. Then there is the opportunity to combine design, such as a Shiva eye pendant in gecko form, plus the matching Gekko silver brooch and small gecko Resinohrstecker. And often offers the opportunity to unite everything, because within a category, for example, brass jewelry are often the same designs, such as the flower of life as a brass pendant, brass earrings and brass ring, also this motif is found on the brass bangle.
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