High-quality piercing material for our piercing jewelery Jewelery has many faces: just as diverse as the designs that can make a piece of jewelery unique are also the materials that can be used for jewelery making. Each material gives the jewelry individual charm and is associated with different benefits and characteristics. In our shop you will find jewelry and piercing jewelry in many variants, in which different piercing material was used. Use natural materials such as wood, bone or horn, or add piercing such as stainless steel or silver to your piercing for an elegant and stylish look. Colorful acrylic designs spread cheerfulness and are particularly expressive, while pieces of jewelry made of materials such as Murano glass or brass bring an artful character. The great variety of piercing materials and jewelry materials makes it easy to find the right jewelry in our shop - even for allergy sufferers!
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Piercing Material: From stainless steel to sterling silver

Our piercing material is high quality and very well tolerated. Whether you want to make an eyebrow piercing, an ear piercing, a lip piercing, breast piercing or navel piercing an eye-catcher - in our shop you will find a wide selection of piercing jewelery made of different materials, which also meets high standards of design and comfort. Put on high-quality stainless steel jewelry or real silver jewelry, enjoy the extraordinary with brass jewelry or horn jewelry or give your jewelry with a gold-plated design a particularly noble look. We also offer fake piercings in many different material and design variants. In addition to piercing jewelery we offer you in the Chic-Net Shop a multitude of pieces of jewelery, which enrich and enhance every outfit as a fashion accessory. Whether coral jewelry or wooden jewelry, pearl jewelry or resin jewelry, glass jewelry or gemstone jewelry - for every occasion and taste can be found in our range of matching jewelry made of high quality and lovingly processed materials. Express your personality - the deliberate choice of piercing material and jewelery material contributes to an individual and unique look.
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