lip Piercing

Lip piercing as a visual highlight Make your lip piercing a visual highlight: We have the right jewelery for every type of lip piercing and present piercing jewelery in a wide range of choices. Whether you want a discreet Labret plug or a shiny ring in silver look, a colorful piercing in a curved shape or a plug with glittering stone as a closure - in our shop you will find the right jewelry for every lip piercing and can always give your piercing a new look , Put on high-quality piercing jewelry for your lip piercing, which not only looks decorative and stylish, but also brings a high level of comfort with it.

Lip Piercings in many fine designs

For each type of lip piercing we stock the matching piercing jewelry in our shop : Make your Eskimo Piercing, Lip Piercing or Madonna Piercing extra special or give a Medusa Piercing or Snakebite Piercing an unmistakable charm. The Chic-Net-Shop features elegant gold or silver piercing plugs as well as colorful models that range from soft pastel shades to flashy neon colors and cheerful patterns. Our jewelry for lip piercing is made of durable and high quality stainless steel or is made of flexible plastic, which is particularly comfortable to wear. We also provide you with glamorous jewelery with cubic Zirconia rhinestones or make available to you extraordinary, in rainbow colors dazzling lip piercings. Be inspired by our wide selection of piercing jewelery and redefine your lip piercing: Our jewelery ranges from classic elegance to colorful extravagance and immerse your piercing in a completely new light. Easy to handle, you can change the jewelry in no time and adjust your lip piercing again and again your outfit, your mood and the occasion.
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