leather jewelry

Above all, our leather jewelery houses arm jewelery, but this in great variety. In addition to pure leather bracelets, there are also combinations of leather with shells or pearls, as well as colored variants. Also, the Chunk jewelry belongs to the leather jewelry category, since the Chunk Buttons are usually used to press them on a leather strap with push button bottoms. There is also a metal chunk ring in this category, because this one can combine well with the Chunk leather jewelry and put the same buttons alternately on the ring frame and the leather strap. Also the Chunkbuttons, so the push button tops are here, so that you can select the right plug matching the leather strap.

Organic leather bracelets

Our leather bracelets are mostly made of cowhide leather, some of them are colorfully colored in different colors like yellow, blue, red, green and many more. Some are braided, others very long, so that they are wrapped around the arm several times and are therefore multi-layered. We carry thick or wide leather jewelry bracelets, but also thin variants, these then often show several layers on top of each other. The leather bracelets are also combined with cotton threads or pearls and pendants made of brass, as well as wooden beads, kauri shells and faceted glass crystals in different colors. The selection of colors and designs in leather jewelry bracelets is really big, from simple and unisex wearable to feminine playful and glittery or brightly colorful everything is there. Chunks and leather jeweleryIn addition to the adjustable stainless steel ring frame for attaching chunks we offer a lot of leather jewelery as a chunk carrier. The bracelets are wide, partly colored, eg green, pink or yellow and they each carry three press-button bottoms for attaching three different chunks. The matching chunks can also be found here, these also range from simple to glittering to brightly colorful. If you choose the discreet chunks, these bracelets are also wearable by men, but this leather jewelry is actually popular especially with women. Chunk leather bracelets allow you to vary the jewelry every day, to make it different, to suit your mood or to match the outfit colors of the day.
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