A Labret plug has a characteristic shape: a pin...


A Labret plug has a characteristic shape: a pin that carries a plate on one side and a thread on the other. Here at the thread then various jewelry forms can be screwed, tips, called cones, balls, rhinestones or even plastic shapes such as skulls. The Labretpiercing is therefore opened and closed with screw thread. The plug owes its name to a popular place of use: the Labret Piercing, so a lip piercing, actually a Unterlippepiercing. If you are looking for a connector, you should use soft materials such as silicone, acrylic, PTFE and Bioflex to avoid overstressing the gums and teeth and preventing abrasion.

Locations of the Labrets

As described above, it can be well worn as a lower lip piercing of the same name, but generally it is suitable as a lip piercing. So it can also be used on the upper lip for a Madonna (side) or Medusa Piercing (central). In addition, there are the numerous Bite variants in the lip, for example the Cyber ??Bites, consisting of Medusa and central Labret in the lower lip. Or the popular Snake Bites, these are two lateral Labrets, one left and one right. This form is very popular with men and women. But even in the nose, a Labretstecker can be worn as a Nostril plug, so as a piercing through a nostril. In the ear the jewelry for a conch piercing would be possible, so a plug through the auricle. LabretvariantenWir offer both the tooth-friendly soft Labrets for the Lippiercings, as well as the metallic for other places. The silver-colored, gold-colored, black or rainbow-colored labret piercings are made of stainless steel. Our soft variants are made of acrylic and in different colors or transparent. Whether acrylic or stainless steel, all designs can be combined with faceted glass crystals to create a sparkling appearance. For the men we also have monochrome models without glitter, but with skeleton hand or skull.
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