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There is classic, timeless jewellery that will never go out of fashion. But there are also current jewellery trends. A good jewellery supplier will offer you both: the real classics and the current jewellery trends. But what's up to date right now? With earrings there is a trend towards XXL. While last year the statement necklaces were still in fashion, statement earrings are currently on the rise. XXL earrings and large earrings are available in brass, stainless steel or sterling silver, but also as ethno jewelry combined with colorful pearls and cotton threads. Ethno jewelry earrings or an ethno jewelry ring are currently available not only among hippie pendants in. Even Indian jewelry with turquoise or feathers is experiencing a revival. Hair accessories are currently very popular with hippie fashion and the many spring festivals, hair band and hair market. These jewellery trends are just as feminine and playful as the upper body chains, which are currently found everywhere, whether as upper body chain, belly chain or bikini chain. The Choker necklace has established itself in necklaces, but it is rather a Choker necklace. In former times the choker was called choker, today you are fashionable again absolutely in the trend.

Hair decoration

Jewellery for hair is very diverse, in addition to the classics such as hair clips and hair bands, as well as hair circlets, new forms such as the hair barrette, the diadem or the tiara and the hair ribbon were added. Of course, they are not completely new, but what is new is that they are now trendy and preferred to be worn. These hair accessories can look classic, elegant and sparkling, as well as feminine, playful, antique or casual in a hippie look. Especially the hairstyles remind us of the Hippe-Look, whereby they are also Indian or oriental. Wide hair bands or hair rings with bows bring the retro look of the 60s back to life, while the latest models often have lace and glittering elements, or are designed like a wreath of artificial flowers. Many ladies like to wear this flower hair ornament to their Dirndl at the summer party. Also, romantically decorated hair clips with flowers, bows and lace are back in. Hairbands don't have to be evenly wide and straight anymore, often they get wider in one place and form a flower or ornament embroidered with faceted glitter stones. In addition to lace, artificial flowers, tulle and feathers as well as small hats are also used, which can be clamped into the hair using hair clips or attached to a headband. Hair decoration becomes one thing: colourful and varied and real eye-catchers, because the latest models are striking. Metallic colours such as antique gold or silver are also often combined with other materials.


A Haarkette makes us think of antiquity and also of other cultures, it seems unusual and exotic. At the same time, many people imagine a princess so adorned, because this look is very feminine and playful and looks high-quality, he usually uses the color gold, rose gold or silver. The pattern is often decorated with gemstones, pearls or faceted, glittering crystals, or even with current motifs such as the hand of Fatima. These then usually dangle over the forehead. A hairstyle is usually multi-layered, often a band in the middle runs over the crown and the others laterally on the head, partly also in several chains of different lengths. Depending on your taste, an ornament dangles over your forehead or not. Most hairstyles are held together in the neck by rubber bands, but there is also a variant of the hairstyle, which is only worn on one side, and which is stuck by hair combs in the hairstyle. In some hair parquets not only a decoration dangles from the forehead, but all around there are plates or stones attached. Or it is simply a filigree pattern of differently arranged chains, partly artfully intertwined. But a Haarkette can not only look elegant, playful or antique, it can also underline the casual hippie look, because it is also perfect for that. Long hair is great to show off, but there are also simpler versions for short hairstyles.


In addition to the classic wide hairband variant, which simply looks like a cloth tied into the hair, this year there are also new trendy variants. Due to the increasing popularity of Oktoberfest and Wasen, the hairband fashion has also changed: bands embroidered with artificial flowers are currently very popular, sometimes so opulent that you can no longer recognize the band itself. When worn, these look like colourful wreaths of flowers, only that they don't wither and fit perfectly. This makes them the ideal accessory for dirndls and hippie dresses. Another variation are hairbands, which run thinly in the neck and with elastic band, on the front however a broad place show, this is then formed like an ornament and embroidered with pearls and glitter stones or consists directly of adorning lace. Thin, two-ply variants with braided ribbons are also possible, as is a thin, simple hair ribbon, which, however, has a large artificial flower at one side. In addition, not everyone wears their hairband on their head anymore, some stretch it over their forehead, this is especially popular with braiding patterns and floral wreaths. Also brass elements like filigree antique golden leaves or other forms decorate some hair bands and conjure up glamour in the hair. They are reminiscent of the antique laurel wreaths.

Upper body chains

Chains can not only decorate the neck, the new variants also decorate the upper part of the body, i.e. from the back, shoulders and chest to the belly. Many also start as wide necklaces and run from there in many positions over both shoulders or over the back or chest. Some start as chokers, others as long chains. These body chains can be unobtrusive, single-ply and only with a small motif in the middle, or pour like a waterfall over the shoulders, the back or the entire upper body from the neck to the navel. Some upper body chains form special patterns, which come to the fore especially when one wears plain tops underneath. The more eye-catching and complicated the upper body chains are, the simpler the clothing should be, preferably a monochrome, little cut-out upper part. Extravagantly cut clothes with decorated collars or colourful patterns should rather not be worn with upper body chains, because then it is simply too much and neither of them works anymore.

Upper body chain

The upper body chain is often also praised as a body chain, because unlike normal necklaces it really decorates the whole upper body. Since it extends over such a large area and this over back and front, there are infinitely many variations. Partly it consists only of metal like brass or stainless steel, partly it is combined with cultured pearls or lace or with pendants, which can then also carry precious stones or faceted glass crystals. If such a pendant is the center and eye-catcher, the rest often consists only of simple thin chains in several layers. If there is no pendant, then the whole upper body chain becomes an eye-catcher by falling in endless layers over chest, back or shoulders or is artfully entwined to certain patterns. Some body chains show differently designed chain links in the different layers, others are asymmetrical and cover for example only one shoulder. Depending on whether you want to look elegant and only want to adorn yourself discreetly, you can choose single layer body chains with a simple pendant, or if you want to attract attention, you can choose variations with many different chain layers and artistic patterns. No matter how, an upper body chain makes to the evening dress, as well as to the bikini a good figure and fits also for the everyday life. In any case, these chains draw attention to themselves and can not simply be overlooked.

Upper body chain

This year there is no way around a special trend: the upper body chain. At least if you want to attract attention and set fashionable highlights. No upper body chain is exactly like the other, here there is infinite design variety, so there is guaranteed to be a suitable piece of jewellery for everyone. Some upper body chains emphasize and decorate the back, others one or both shoulders, again others the chest and/or the belly. Of course the choice also depends on your outfit, a completely backless dress is suitable for example for an upper body chain, which especially decorates the back. A plain plain coloured dress offers the possibility to wear an extravagant upper body chain with a striking pattern and many chain layers, even combinations with sparkling crystals fit here. Those who already wear a striking top in fiery red, on the other hand, will prefer the simpler version with cross pendant over the chest and starting from a chain layer in the direction of the neck and one in the direction of the belly, both left and right of the pendant. From discreet to very striking everything is possible with an upper body chain. Popular colours are rose gold, gold and silver. Some start as necklaces, others as chokers or necklaces. With the pendants (which are not a must) the hand he Fatima or crosses are very popular, but also glitter stones or turquoise stones.

Bikini necklace

One form of body jewelry is the bikini necklace, this is a body chain that comes to its best with a bikini and on tanned skin. This necklace can either start from the neck and then embellish shoulders or back or chest and belly, or it can run around the belly. A belly chain can wear a pendant and this in turn can either decorate the belly, or behind the place directly above the bottom, where in former times a so-called ass antler was tattooed. Today you can wear it glittering out of jewellery. With the upper body chains there are also very complex variants with many different layers. These could also be worn as bikini necklaces, but these elaborate chains are possibly somewhat impractical in bikinis, so that simpler variants are preferred here. You should only swim with them if you know which material the bikini chain is made of and that it tolerates water. With sterling silver, for example, this is not a problem, but absolutely not recommended for brass. But you can show yourself styled with the bikini chain on the beach, sunbathe or go for a walk. You shouldn't lie in the blazing sun, because metal can get very hot and you wear it in your bikini directly on your skin. Another advantage of bikini chains and body chains in general is that they are adjustable and large enough to fit any woman.

Belly Chain

The belly chain is a certain form of the body jewelry, this chain does not decorate the neck, but as the name already says the belly. Partially, however, also the hips and the coccyx. These necklaces are either very simple, or they wear a pendant that shows either a lettering or a tribal pattern or another motif. This can then be worn on the back where the so-called ass antler is tattooed, or on the belly. Other variations of the belly chain are oriental, which means they show several layers of chains dangling downwards or carrying jingling coins and plates. Another possibility is the combination with real stones or faceted glass crystals that sparkle in the light. A belly chain can be worn with a bikini as well as over a top or sweater. A hip chain instead of a belt is a real eye-catcher and spices up the outfit, especially with a trouser suit in the serious area. With a plain, dark top or costume or on tanned skin, simple variations are completely sufficient, but they still stand out. Whether with an oriental touch, discreet and serious or feminine and playful, glittering and sparkling, a necklace for hips and belly is an investment that is worthwhile because it is timeless and can be used universally for many occasions.


This newest trend is not completely new, because under the less beautiful name Kropfband the choker is known for a long time by the old traditional costume fashion. At that time, due to the lack of iodine in the population, there was still often a goitre, i.e. an enlargement of the thyroid gland. One wanted to hide this beauty defect at festive occasions and so broad jewellery was put over it: the choker, today known as choker. The name choker derives from the English word for choke, because the collar or necklace lies close to the neck, but of course without choking. In the 90's the necklace came back in the form of tattoo chains, these were stretchable and lay directly on the neck. Today exactly these necklaces are again announced, only that they are embellished today with glitter stones or other essays. Other forms of the choker ribbon are wide velvet ribbons with large faceted glass crystal in the middle. Of course you can also use a gemstone instead. Today the choker chains are available in many variations, wide or narrow, simple or richly decorated, only as a ribbon or with dangling chains and pendants. These narrow necklaces are also popular in lace and gothic style. In the punk and rock scene they have been worn for a long time, but are made of leather and studded. The choker necklaces have an infinite number of design variations, so that everyone can discover a variation to his taste.
Choker Necklace

The Choker necklace is a certain form of necklace. It is a band of different width, which lies close to the neck and is mostly decorated in front. This decoration can be made of metal in silver or gold, a gemstone or a faceted glass crystal, carved side portraits of women with updo hairstyles made of resin, bone or mother-of-pearl or small charm pendants are also popular. A new form of the Choker necklace emerged in the 90s: the so-called tattoo chains are interwoven acrylic cords, these form a tattoo-like pattern, moreover, they are stretchable and thus directly attach to the neck. The Tattoo Choker collar is currently experiencing its revival, but not as simple as in the 90s, the new variants wear small charm pendants, e.g. moon, tree of life, cross, peace sign, hemp leaf or the Khamsa hand. Also variants, which are occupied with pearls or show a rainbow color gradient are announced. The Choker necklace is also very popular in traditional costume and Dirndl, but here it is usually wider and made of velvet. In the Gothic and Punk scene are also wide Choker collars announced, here however from leather and occupied with chains or rivets. A choker necklace made of lace with various ornaments such as bows, pendants and glass crystals is also timelessly coveted by Gothic fans.

Choker Necklace

A choker necklace is a chain that fits very tight to the top of the neck, but unlike a choker necklace it is either narrower, i.e. only strings instead of a ribbon, or it consists of more than one ribbon. Especially in the gothic scene romantically playful and branched chains are a classic, they start at the top of the neck and pour over the neckline. Such a choker necklace often consists of different chains that are intertwined and on which cut crystals, pearls, precious stones or charm pendants like brass bows or crosses dangle. Also a material mix of brass or other metal, pearls, lace and crystals is often to be seen here. Especially from lace great choker necklaces are made, when small chains dangle from them and textile roses are sewn on. Such a choker necklace is an eye-catcher, it is deliberately striking, but looks elegant and noble or romantically playful. Another advantage of choker necklaces is that they fit into every neckline. Even with a very small round neckline they still come into their own. They can also be combined with other, longer necklaces for deeper necklines. The narrow Choker necklaces often use adjustable leather straps, if you put them on the narrowest step, you get the tight Choker necklace, but at the same time you can put them longer and wear them as normal necklace. Meanwhile chokers are a fashion trend and are no longer limited to the gothic or traditional costume scene. You can wear them with your evening gown, but also in the disco or at university.

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