gym bag

With our cool gymnastic bags, you'll be able to combine style and comfort. Our sports bags are practical, light in weight and easy to handle. The material is sturdy and the cords allow them to be varied in size making them suitable for children and adults. Nevertheless, every gym bag is something special: here you will find unique motifs, whether timeless in eco hippie style, girlish with star or sparkling and sparkling, announced in country flags, popular gaming motifs or the unisex popular anchor motif. Even plain bags can be found here, so there is something for everyone. Anyone who places value on fashion and stylish trends when it comes to sports is well advised with a gym bag from our online shop. Whether for the school, the sports club or the gym, our popular sports bags look good everywhere. The practical cord mechanism makes it possible to carry the bags as a backpack. We offer them in different materials, all are very robust. Canvas also offers breathability.

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