Brass jewelry sets are composed of earrings and...

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Brass jewelry sets are composed of earrings and a matching pendant and make a great sight. Likewise, instead of a pendant, a chain is also possible, here you can also find necklaces and statement necklaces made of small coins, leaves or brass feathers. The nickel-free brass jewelry sets are available in different shapes and are perfect for every occasion. Brass jewelry is understood to be jewelry that is made of brass and is very skin-friendly for humans. With a brass jewelry set you wear perfectly coordinated pieces of jewelry, which pick up and emphasize the design. With that, you'll catch the eye, whether it's the evening dress or as an accessory to the cocktail dress at the next party.

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Brass Jewelry Sets

The basic color of a brass jewelry set is made of antique shimmering gold. Some pieces of jewelry in the Brass jewelry set are partially oxidized dark, so that the optically antique effect is enhanced. Our brass jewelry sets combine different materials and colors. Thus, you will often find golden shimmering earrings and the matching pendant for a necklace in combination with silver brass in our online shop. You will also find earrings and pendants with small glittering stones. Brass Brass Tribal jewelry ranges from light to red yellow gold, making it an ideal alternative to gold-plated jewelery. Through the jewelry sets you are optimally equipped and saves you the time to pick out the matching jewelry itself. We also offer you low prices for a brass jewelry set. However, if you still lack a bangle or the matching ring, you will also find here a large selection of brass jewelry in our online shop. Brass jewelry set with other materials Brass jewelry is made of brass, which can be processed well and high quality. In our jewelry sets you will find numerous design variants, some of which also leather straps, acrylic ropes, faceted crystals or otherwise colored brass use. This material mix gives special pieces of jewelry. The chains of our brass sets pick up patterns like leaves or coins, transforming them into large statement chains. A brass jewelry set may consist of necklace and earrings or ear hangers, but also of pendants and ear studs or earrings.
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