gold-plated bracelets

18k gold-plated copper bracelet is very filigree and is well tolerated on the skin. It shines like real gold jewelry and is also available in various designs, eg with faceted glass crystals, loops, charm pendants, ribbon or gemstones. This jewelry is the perfect alternative to real gold jewelry, visually there is no difference, because the surface is gold plated.

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Gold-plated bracelets

Since the gold-plated bracelet is very finely crafted, it can be worn well in everyday life without being disturbed by the arm chains. The filigree appearance makes the jewelry appear very noble. In combination with colorful glass crystals can be set with the arm jewelry so even classic Buisness outfits a discreet Aktzent. 18k gold-plated copper arm jewelery is also offered with various Charm pendants, which make a playful impression and prove to be small, fashionable eye-catcher. Almost all of our bracelets also have a lobster clasp and are adjustable. Therefore, you are also a great gift, even if you do not know the size of an arm joint exactly. Since an 18k gold-plated copper bracelet does not seem intrusive, you can combine it with other pieces of jewelery. For example, a necklace or earrings from the same department. Or other fashion jewelry bracelets made of stainless steel or shells, stones and pearls. However, if you are looking for a visually very noble and expensive look, then you are in the right place here: 18k gold-plated copper bracelet.
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