glass Jewelry

The glass jewelry category is very extensive and offers various types of jewelery for various body parts such as fingers, wrist, neck and ears. The material glass breaks the light and shines in the light. Some glass beads, which are processed in our glass jewelry, are lined inside with silver foil, this produces special effects, the pearl then shimmers inside in a lighter color. But also Murano glass can be found in our glass jewelry, also turned large glass beads. Often the glass beads are faceted like crystals, some also have a golden frame, others are handpainted and show special patterns. The rings also have combinations with glitter, underlining the sparkle of the glass.

sparkling jewelry made of glass

glass jewelry is possible in many different forms, but mostly they are round to oval beads. Even jewelry set with small faceted glass crystals can be found here, this is partly combined, with enamel, ribbons, strings or shells. The glass bracelets have single-layer, as well as wide multi-layered variants. In the chains with glass beads, there are even the followers motifs, which were composed of glass beads and now form a cube, a purse or a ball. But also whole necklaces made of large pieces of glass can be found here. The glass jewelry earrings are both long earrings with glass beads and brass, as well as faceted drops, round beads and small stud earrings with different designs. Combine glass jeweleryYou are looking for pieces of jewelry that fit together and can be worn together? Then you can make it easy, and simply choose one of our glass jewelry sets, here you will find Murano glass with flowers in different colors, but also as turned large glass bead sets. Or you can create your own set using the different categories. For example, there are similar motifs in hand-painted earrings, pendants and glass rings. But also bracelets, necklaces and earrings in which same-colored glass beads are processed, make beautiful sets. What also fits the sparkling glass jewelry are zirconia rings or pendants, or bracelets made of crystal glitter jewelry.
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