Flesh Tunnel - the trend jewelry for stretched ears

10.07.2019 15:24

I'm sure you've seen them many times before: dilated ear holes through which you can see. This works when the piercing wearer uses a very popular stretcher instead of plugs: the Flesh Tunnel. Who stretches his praises (normal ear holes, as you can get them for ear studs and earrings) bigger, wants to present the result after all. Although this is also possible with a plug (and there are really great earplug motifs!), the plug focuses on the wood grain or a certain motif or inlay. Inlay could be a gemstone, a shell, a glittering stone or something plastic carved. In addition, you can never be so sure if the praises are really stretched or if the wearer is using fake plugs with a plug up to 10mm in size. With a Flesh Tunnel it is clear: the ear hole is really stretched and this is also clearly visible.

Flesh Tunnels

This doesn't mean that the design of a Flesh Tunnel doesn't matter or is minimalistic - no, you can experiment with different materials and patterns. For example, a Flesh Tunnel with rim is popular. The rim is a thin ring that runs in the middle of the tunnel. This is created either by an inlay of another material (e.g. wood of another species or crushed turquoise stone) or by a ring-shaped arrangement of small glittering stones. Depending on the material, the front sides of a Flesh Tunnel Expander are also artfully carved, decorated, or in metal such as brass to filigree patterns of thin arches and spirals bent. Currently, a new trend is that the tunnel below the ear hole still has decorations that reach far down, so it really stands out.

Flesh Plugs

A Flesh tunnel offers various possibilities to sit safely in the canal, for example it can be ribbed and straight, which means the tunnel itself is completely straight, but has small edges on the front and back which prevent it from slipping out. The double flared shape also keeps a flesh tunnel stable: here the tunnel is slightly curved, so that it becomes narrower towards the centre, while the front and back are wider. The mixture of both, a flesh tunnel that is curved at the front and cantilevered, and straight at the back for easy insertion, is called single flared. This single flared form is fixed on the straight side with a rubber ring.

As you can see a Flesh tunnel can be very versatile, even more variations are created by the different properties of the materials used such as brass, stainless steel, acrylic, stone, wood, horn and bone, as well as silicone.  Each material offers different advantages in terms of design and wearing comfort. How you decide - which Flesh Tunnel will be your favourite - that is ultimately a matter of taste. We at CHICNET make sure that you can choose and discover your favourite piece from a huge selection.

Tunnel Plugs wood

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