Laser engraved wood plugs

19.02.2020 19:14
We like to decorate our handmade plugs with filigree patterns. These fine lines enable laser engraving, so that even small and detailed motifs can be immortalized on small plug sizes. Laser engraved plugs are in great demand, so we offer you current motifs such as the flower of life, mandala flowers, the tree of life, the vegvisir, the Awe helmet, Odin's horn and many others.

Matching the laser engraving plugs you will also find beautiful laser engraving necklaces with a round wooden pendant in our shop. The wooden chains often have the same motifs that can be found on our laser engraved plugs. If you don't have stretched ears, you can use our laser-engraved ear studs. Here, too, we partly take up the chain motifs.

So if you want natural flesh tunnels and plugs and still want trendy motifs, then go for our laser engraved plugs. With them you have both: great natural grains that stand out and a beautiful motif. Laser engraving plugs are sometimes also painted gold or silver, to match some laser engraving wooden chains.

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