Coral has been used for millennia for jewelry...

coral jewelry

Coral has been used for millennia for jewelry purposes. An ancient legend tells of its origin: The Medusa could turn people into stone with their eyes. A Greek god cut off her head, which fell into the sea and from the blood spatters arose the corals, which is why they supposedly protect like an amulet against the "evil eye". Today, coral jewelry is above all high quality and attractive, for example in combination with 925 sterling silver. Nothing connects him with superstition and esotericism anymore. In our online shop, we have a very large assortment of coral jewelry, which has something for every taste, whether coral rings, coral pendant or coral earrings in many different designs, they were all handmade in Bali and Thailand. In order to protect the rare red coral stocks on site, the natural white colored Bamora coral or the foam coral for our jewelry is dyed red or blue or black. If conservation is your concern, you can purchase red coral jewelry with a clear conscience.
Coral silver rings

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Coral Pendants

Coral pendants are used for a long time as jewelry. Our coral...

Coral Earrings

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Coral Jewelry Sets

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Coral has a natural fine grain, which gives the jewelery the typical note. With 925 sterling silver and certain shapes and sizes, unique designs are created. Coral is no short-term fashion trend, together with sterling silver this jewelery is timeless. As it is rare, it sets special accents, and you can use it both in your free time and on festive occasions. Whether in the typical red, or extravagant in blue, discreet in black, that's up to personal taste. Jewelry that is popular with young and old, is clearly the coral.

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