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Brass foot jewelry is the ideal summer sun and beach accessory, because of course, the anklets are only apparent on bare legs. As soon as the sun turns and it gets warm enough for skirts and shorts, or even to swim at the pool or beach, the time has come for brass foot jewelry. We offer you different models here, some in tribal style and with bells. These have the nice effect of ringing with every step, attracting attention. The others are more feminine playful, this brass foot jewelery features faceted cubic zirconia pebbles, pearls or charm pendants dangling from the anklet.

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Playful anklets in golden

Whether you are looking for something special, strumming while walking, wearing small bells and rather antique, or something glittering with golden dangling pendants, we offer all these variations in brass foot jewelry. Also, a pattern of nested chains that dangle down when worn is possible with the Tribal anklets. The shiny golden ones, on the other hand, are shaped like hearts or drops or have polished cubic zirconia stones that look deceptively real like diamonds. Of course, you can also combine two or wear the one and the other anklet on one foot. Brass foot jewelry is versatile in warm temperatures. So the chain makes barefoot just as well as in high heels. Brass foot jewelery as eyecatcherA chices anklet directs our eyes down, on tanned skin the golden or antique golden brass foot jewelery looks particularly nice. This type of jewelry is playful and rather less suitable for men. Women like to fall back on it. Even as a gift, this is a good idea, since very few women already have foot jewelry, but almost all women find the glittery or the tribal art on the foot very nice. Of course, our brass bracelets and brass chains are particularly suitable for this, especially when they have dangling elements or chains in their design. Also fits a gold navel piercing with colorful cubic zirconia stones and chains to the Fußschmuck variant with dangling chains and rhinestones.
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