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The Brand sunglasses category offers you a selection of high-quality brands, including both cheaper and freestyle, as well as brands in the high price segment such as the designer Karl Lagerfeld. Our branded eyewear are original designer eyewear and, depending on the material and design, prices within a brand vary. In addition to Lagerfeld and Freestyle, for example, glasses from the Fishbone brand can be found here. Although all eyewear are designer goods with true optician quality, we try to offer them as cheap as possible, so that everyone can enjoy the true brand sunglasses. If you like designer eyewear, but do not want to spend more than twenty euros on sunglasses, you will find similar designs in our other sunglasses categories, and these are also well made, but they do not use the brand name.

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Branded Sunglasses Designs

The variety of designs is probably the greatest in this category, as it simply combines all branded sunglasses. Aviator and Wayfarer Style glasses can be found next to sporty variants, monoglass glasses or glasses with narrow rectangular or oval lenses. Between very light models to big and glamorous you have the choice. The glasses are tinted in a variety of colors, as well as the frames offer different colors. This ensures that everyone can discover something for their personal taste. Here you can rummage for your favorite glasses, because they all have in common that they are real designer models. Whether Fishbone or Lagerfeld, with these glasses you upgrade every outfit and this at sensationally low Chic-Net prices. Unisex Brand Sunglasses at Chic-NetMost models are unisex, so men and women wearable. They are more different in whether they are sporty or glamorously designed. With the sporty variants you protect the eyes reliably from strong sunlight, while the models with narrow small glasses are fashionable, but should be used in normal solar radiation and less in the mountains or at sea. You will also find brand name sunglasses with small filter categories, these are less tinted, so you can also indoor or atCan drive a car.
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