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A matching piercing for each body Piercing can be stung at different parts of the body. Depending on the piercing different jewelry may be considered - while in some places only rings or small Labret plug can be used in other places again piercings in banana shape, so-called curved barbell piercings, especially beautiful. Which piercing jewelery is the right one depends on the particular body location and also on the individual circumstances. Every human being is anatomically shaped differently, so that should also be considered in the selection of piercing jewelry. The many different designs that we offer in our shop, not only different piercing body parts, but also different tastes and personality styles. Also for allergy sufferers, we offer a diverse range of piercing jewelry, which is very well tolerated and does not cause allergic reactions.
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What is the best body site for a piercing?

Before it comes to choosing the right piercing jewelry, the piercing Of course, once stung. But what is the best body spot for a piercing? This question can not be answered flat rate. Rather, it depends on your own wishes, the individual appearance and anatomical events. It should also be considered whether the piercing should be constantly visible - as in a face piercing - or whether it should rather be worn concealed - such as a navel piercing. This question should also be answered in relation to the professional life - not everywhere obvious piercings are desired. To find out which part of the body is most suitable for a piercing, it is advisable to first wear a fake piercing. This is worn like a real piercing at the desired body site, but does not require a piercing hole. It is temporarily clamped to the desired location and allows you to get used to the sight of a piercing. Also, who is uncertain whether he would like to have a permanent piercing, can fall back on fake piercings and wear these variable at different parts of the body. You will also find Fake Piercings in our shop in a wide range of sizes, colors, material variants and designs.
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