Belts are a fashionable accessory...
Belts are a fashionable accessory that not only catches the eye, but also enhances an outfit in a fashionable way. In our online shop you have the choice between thin but colorful silicone belts and the hip rivets with the fashionable pyramid rivets. These are unisex wearable and available in many different designs and patterns from us. Whether you are looking for a playful look, ladylike, elegant, punk or maybe even the exotic snake look - guaranteed you will find exactly the right thing in our shop. If you already have a belt, for example made of leather, and would like to give it that certain something, then take a look at our category belt buckles and buckles. |-| fashionable studded belt, silicone beltand Buckles ~~ Even in tombs from the Bronze Age, cords were wrapped around clothing. At that time, they still served mainly practical purposes. In the Middle Ages, the leather belts were a symbol of strength, domination and marital fidelity. The man's trousers and the woman's skirt were held by it and also the sword of nobles was attached to it. But even then you use so-called pompons already as jewelry. These were made of brocade, velvet and silk and decorated with silver jewelry, precious stones and glass. Nowadays, belts and belt buckles, also called buckles, are almost only a fashion accessory. Especially the riveted belts enjoy increasing popularity - not
Belt Buckles / Buckles

Belt Buckles / Buckles make your outfit unique and unique -...

silicone belt

Silicone belts are soft and comfortable to wear. If you are...

studded belt

Studded belts are a particularly eye-catching accessory. If you...


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