Organic navel piercings look very beautiful...

belly button piercing jewelry

Organic navel piercings look very beautiful made of natural materials. Our navel piercing wood assortment consists of various piercings made of various materials. Among them are various types of wood, combined with stones, shells, coral, Shivaauge and mother of pearl. All have the shape of a banana piercing for the navel and are of high quality. The curved pin is made of skin-friendly stainless steel and so these pieces of jewelry are easily portable. Whether on the beach, in the outdoor pool, while jogging or leisure, with special Organic navel piercing wood you make a good figure everywhere. Even with men, this fashion trend has already arrived. Our Organic navel piercings are unisex wearable, the natural wooden models are perfect for that. |-| Tribal Navel Piercing Wood Jewelery ~~ If you prefer glittering, you will discover belly button banana piercings with Shiva eyes in the silver jewelery category or in the Shiva eye category, these are partially covered with faceted zirconia stones, and almost all have bracelets made of 925 sterling silver. The piercings of this category also show silver colored brackets, here made of surgical steel. Stones like turquoise or red coral set great contrasts with the brown wood. Paua abalone mother-of-pearl, on the other hand, shimmers in bright colors and helps the navel piercing wood to glamor factor. Mother-of-pearl also shimmering, but more subtle in white. There are also belly button piercings made of two different woods of different colors. The Shiva Eyes Shell is already a beautiful motive, and you will find them in this category. If this is all too natural, and who loves it more colorful, gaudy or even in neon tones, we recommend our banana belly button piercings under the stainless steel belly button piercings. For everyone else, the Organic Belly Piercing Wood is suitable. Combinations to SchmucksetsBauchnabelpiercings wood can be wonderfully combined to other wood pieces of jewelery, but also to the jewelry of your inlay, so in a turquoise inlay with turquoise gemstone jewelry. In mother of pearl as inlay with chic mother of pearl earrings and a matching pendant. And at Shiva eye with Shiva eyes ear plugs, rings or bracelets. In addition, there are jewelery pieces that combine wood with stones, shells, coral or shiva eye, also with the wooden ear plugs. So what could go better with navel piercing wood than a piece of jewelry that uses the same materials?

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