Especially in the warm months with lots of sun,...


Especially in the warm months with lots of sun, anklets are very popular. Whether on the beach, at the pool party or at high heels, the dangling chains attract attention. Here you can choose from different styles. We offer the Tribal look in antique gold, which combines the chains on the foot with small clamps. Or elegant as a gold chain with dangling motifs. This can be increased even further, the combination of faceted zirconia stones makes the anklets sparkle. Whether softly ringing through the clamps or sparkling and glittering, with foot chains set beautiful highlights.

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A radiant appearance

This is sure with a shiny anklet and in the truest sense of the word, because anklets adorn the ankles, here they are worn directly above the foot (like bracelets on the arm). The combination with small bells therefore makes a sound with every step. Our anklets are playful and feminine and look very beautiful on tanned skin. You can also combine these on the beach or for the party with our flash tattoos in golden or silver, because these are also suitable for the warm season, when a lot of skin can be shown. Matching pieces of jewelry can be added to this look, of course, by long playful necklaces in gold tone, as well as golden bracelets, here may like many glittering stones or small charm pendant processed. Also piercings in gold with chains or small pendants fit here wonderfully. Be it ear studs connected via chains with ear cuffs or navel piercings with dangling and sparkling pendants, both emphasize the feminine sexy look. The brass chains in tribal style are also variants with bells or clamps, we also offer colorful bracelets with brass clasps, these are ideal for the Tribal anklets. To the jingling, dangling impression of the anklets fit our brass bangles, especially those that combine several maturities as a set. Even long golden earrings with dangling coins and platelets complete the summer look, and we also offer matching statement necklaces.
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