Tunnel Plugs Wood

Wood is probably the most comprehensive of our categories in organic plugs and tunnels. The tunnels and plugs wood jewelry category includes very different models and woods: whether artfully painted or specially and of course grained or dyed. Our tunnels and plugs wood are available in various sizes. If you want more information about our wood species such as Sonoholz, teak wood, crocodile wood, ironwood and other woods, you will find many interesting information under the item "News". We pay attention to sustainability when using wood, for example coconut wood or palm wood are by-products of coconut production. These two woods are also particularly decorative, depending on whether you cut them laterally or from above, resulting from the parallel fiber bundles either a stripe or a dot pattern. |-| Organic tunnels and plugs Wood Jewelery ~~ You can therefore buy our wooden earrings with a clear conscience towards the environment, and the preservation of creation is important to us as well. Wood plugs last longer with proper care and often get even more intense shades, for example, it helps to rub the wood tunnel with coconut oil or jojoba oil. It is also advisable to protect the tunnels and plugs wood earrings from water, so it is essential to take off while showering and bathing. So you enjoy the beautifully patterned plugs for a long time. Design variety of tunnels and plugs made of wood We now carry not only the natural and always popular pure wood plugs with beautiful grains, but also playful, hand-painted, colorful variants with different motives, combinations with antique golden brass, plastic carved plugs in animal design, or even special and unusual shapes like a drop, a coffin or a heart. Also the connection with colorful iridescent Paua abalone shell, white Shivaauge or small Glistenersteinchen are very popular. Very variable for our earrings is and therefore remains the material wood. Tunnels and plugs Wood is also available in various forms, for example, single-flared, ie straight on one side, the other is then usually mushroom-shaped. In this form, a rubber ring is included. If this is lost, you can still carry the single-flared tunnels and plugs wood, because we also offer these rubber rings individually under accessories for sale.