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Do you love tribal and ethnic motifs and like to wear jewelry that is as extraordinary as you are? Your jewelry should not only be beautiful, but also have meaning? You want to show everyone what is important to you - what you find beautiful - what your heart beats for?

We at CHICNET would like to support you, because we also find jewelry can be more than just beautiful - it can make a statement, underline our personality and connect people with similar preferences. We also love tribal jewelry and also the new, so we have put together very different directions for you worldwide. These pieces are mostly handmade, often made of wood, shell, bone or horn and then carved, painted or engraved with little effort.

But we also like to process metal such as sterling silver, hill tribe silver and brass by hand. Below we present a small selection of our directions. We start with the trend that is currently on the rise: Nordic, Celtic and Viking jewelry.

Nordic, Celtic and Viking jewelry - new to us

This direction is still new in our shop, but is already represented in a wide variety, be it in the ear studs, earrings, pin hoops, fake piercings, expansion screws, ear weights or even plugs and tunnels. We also offer pendants and necklaces in this style.

In the field of Celtic jewelry, the Celtic knot or the Carolingian cross, as well as the Triskele and Triqueta are known. All of these are beautifully intertwined patterns, which we offer both in their original form and in numerous variations and modifications - painted, engraved or shaped on our jewelry.

One area that also uses these Celts symbols is the Nordic or Viking jewelry. The Nordic mythology is full of symbols, here there is the world tree, also called Yggdrasil, which today celebrates its revival as a tree of life or tree of life. Then there is the World Serpent or Midgard Serpent, the Viking Compass Vegvisir, Thor's Hammer, called Mjölnir, the Valknut Wotan's Knot, the Horn Triskelion - known as Odin's Horn and the Helmet of Honor. These are only the best known, which by the way can all be found in various variations on our jewelry.

So if you are a friend of Nordic, Celtic or Viking jewelry, you will discover a lot of beautiful things with us. If you are looking for a specific symbol, we will be happy to advise you, just write to us. No matter whether Celtic knot, Viking compass, Awe helmet or other - we love this area and implement it creatively and with high quality for you.

Aztec symbols and Mayan jewelry

A completely different and very old direction are the symbols and the god world of the Aztecs. Their supreme god was considered the god of the sun and war. Warrior masks with a sun rim or motifs of the sun god, whose tongue is a knife, are very common with us. This sharp tongue in the shape of a knife symbolized his desire for blood and human hearts. This sun god is also in the middle of the richly decorated Aztec sun stone, which can also be found in our motifs. This sun stone depicts the past and future according to the Maya legends and is rich in symbolism (fight between light and dark) and depicts numerous deities. All these motifs of the Aztec world and the Mayas are richly decorated with symbolism. We also like to use masks that look like warriors.

Maori symbol world from Polynesia

The theme of masks brings us to the next culture: that of the Maori. This symbolism is also present in our necklaces, piercings and earrings. Here we are in the process of growing, because the Maori world offers many more motifs than we have designed so far, but we also offer a part of them such as the Hei Matau fishing hook, the turtle, tribal masks and of course the sun spiral and spiral in various designs already. Maori motifs are also richly decorated with various black shapes that form great and characteristic patterns. Many motifs are inspired by the Maori's most important food source: the ocean.

Medieval characters

The Middle Ages should not be neglected with its symbols and signs, since it has many followers who love this time. Symbols such as the triskele or the all-seeing eye can also be assigned to this era, we also like to use the Maltese cross or the heraldic lily. The Celtic cross also fits this period. Dragons can also be found in our necklaces and piercings or fake piercings. For all Gothic fans, we also offer the modern form of Gothic jewelry: dark motifs such as skulls, but also black roses and lace.

Buddhist characters

A completely different form of tribal jewelry are our works of art with Buddhist motifs, which can be found on plugs and tunnels, on necklaces and earrings and as ear weights. Here we show Buddha, either the head or meditating, then the lotus flower, the Om symbol and the Yin Yang symbol both in the original and from Koi carp. All of these characters are very popular today with people who care about esotericism, mindfulness or simply Asia and this exoticism.

Hindu and spiritually esoteric symbolism

Yantras are ritual diagrams from Hinduism and Vedic tradition used for meditation. Mandala flowers and patterns also come from this area. The yantra that we often use for necklaces and earrings is the Sri Yantra, but also variations of the Kali Yantra. The flower of life is also a geometric symbol that is said to have a spiritual effect. Like the Sri Yantra, it is considered an energy image. While the Sri Yantra should help to fulfill our wishes, the flower of life stands for the basic pattern of all being. We offer the Yantras, Mandalas and the Flower of Life in numerous variations and modifications and on many different types of jewelry.

Shiite symbols

The Shiite symbols we like to use are the Eye of Fatima, which is supposed to protect against the evil eye, and the Hand of Fatima, which contains the Fatima eye. Both the Hand of Fatima and the Eye of Fatima are considered a protective magical repellent against spirit beings and the evil eye. The hand of Fatima, also called Khamsa or Hamsa, is also said to be a blessing hand that symbolizes strength and happiness. We use both symbols on bracelets, necklaces, flash tattoos and plugs.

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