Tragus Piercings Jewellery

Tragus Piercing Jewelery in a Varied Selection The Tragus piercing is pierced at the entrance to the auditory canal by a small piece of cartilage. While many piercings have a historical background, tragus piercing has no early cultural significance. Rather, it came in the wake of the piercing trend in the 1990s and is still a popular fashion accessory and one of the most popular ear piercings. In our shop you will find Tragus piercing jewelry in many different variants. Let yourself be inspired by our large selection of high-quality jewelry made of flexible plastic or robust stainless steel, brass or 925 sterling silver. Your Tragus Piercing becomes an impressive eye-catcher with our pieces of jewelery.

The Tragus Piercing is an eye-catcher

For the Tragus Piercing different pieces of jewelry are recommended: The classic Ball Closure Ring or a Circular Barbell Piercing can be worn as well as a classic labret plug. If the Tragus Piercing is stung vertically, Curved Barbell Piercings, the bent plugs, are also suitable. Whichever variant you would like to choose - in our shop you will find the right piercing jewelry for your Tragus Piercing. From a fashionable vintage look in the form of antique looking brass jewelery to colorful plastic designs that go all the way to neon looks, we stock a wide range of piercing jewelery. We offer you piercing jewelery with which you can make your Tragus Piercing effective - or decorate it elegantly and discreetly in gold or silver look. Again and again, you can give your Tragus Piercing a fashionable look and let your personality flow into the selection of your jewelry. In our range you will also find many pieces of jewelry with a symbolic meaning. High quality promises you a pleasant wearing comfort and long durability.
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