Things to know about belly button piercing

You wish yourself a navel piercing or are already happy wearer of this sexy piercing variant? We find: Reason enough to learn more about the Curved Barbell for the navel. In the news we have already reported to you about the belly button piercing costs, here we would like to go into some more detail on the different models, on belly button piercing experience, belly button piercing care, belly button piercing in pregnancy, belly button piercing risks and belly button piercing or belly button piercing to let grow and the topic belly button piercing in men.


You looking for your favorite part? The piercing with which you can show off your belly particularly well? We are happy to help you ;). The variety of belly navel piercing models is large, e.g. very popular variants are the belly navel piercing titanium, the belly navel piercing gold, the belly navel piercing rose gold, the belly navel piercing silver, the belly navel piercing pearl, the belly navel piercing white gold and the belly navel piercing diamond or belly navel piercing crystal. Also popular are the turquoise belly button piercing, the opal belly button piercing and the stainless steel belly button piercing and surgical steel belly button piercing. Since we understand tribal and vintage motifs, we also like to use antique golden brass belly button piercings.
In addition, there are playful, feminine and eye-catching variants, namely a belly button piercing glitter stone model, the belly button piercing long pendant variant, a belly button piercing with chain or a belly button piercing with pendant. Also motives like the heart, cross or the anchor, as well as the belly button piercing flower or the belly button piercing balls are very much in demand, especially the classic (a small ball above, a big one below) is converted gladly in different materials and colors, e.g. occupied with multicolored Peridots glitter stones, from metal in the Tribal Look in gold, silver or rosé, from real pearls, Shiva eye shell pieces or precious stones and much more. Also for the flower there are great tribal variations made of brass with a stone inlay e.g. opal, onyx, malachite or amethyst. The belly navel piercing types belly navel piercing glitter and belly navel piercing hanging e.g. by a long, dangling pendant are naturally very feminine and are preferred by ladies.

Experiences with the navel piercing

You must always bear in mind that every person is different, so every pain feels different and the healing time varies slightly from body to body. Nevertheless it is interesting for many, which would have gladly such a Piercing, what others report about belly button piercing healing or belly button piercing healing time, belly button piercing pain and the topic belly button piercing like for a long time no sport. Is it so - a belly button piercing hurts? Here people really feel very different, so there is the experience stunned with ice spray you feel nothing, only a slight pressure or it tweaks only a little up to: it did not hurt at all. On the other hand piercing wearers report, it would have been the worst pain compared to all their other piercings, unbearable, very painful. So there is only one thing here: try it out. In any case, the pain is quickly over and you know: who wants to be beautiful, must suffer. After all, you have for the few minutes of pain afterwards long a beautiful piercing on the belly. With correct care and application (which the piercer explains to you) it doesn't grow out either. As far as the time of healing is concerned, the wearers agree that it takes a very long time on the belly, at least 6 months, rather three quarters of a year in individual cases even a year. This is also the time, in which one should do without the swimming pool, because no chlorine and no germs may reach a wound not completely healed yet, both would irritate too much. Bathing in salt water of good quality is possible beforehand. It is also possible to take a shower with clear water or leave out the shower gel at this point. As far as other sports are concerned, the place is very sensitive in the beginning as far as pressure is concerned, so with the fresh piercing at least one week without it. Afterwards the first weeks simply mask completely with a large plaster, so that it remains stable and clean. Important: these are only experiences, please follow the recommendations of your experienced piercer!

The right care and handling

To say it right in front: a belly button piercing needs time and a lot of care. It is not a simple piercing, but must be cleaned often, besides, the healing lasts very long. Who does not take this time for the navel piercing care, risks navel piercing dangers: the navel piercing is inflamed and this can lead in the worst case to blood poisoning. Therefore very important: to be informed well by the piercer about the right care (way, suitable means, frequency) and to implement this as well. Then nothing will happen and an inflammation is relatively unlikely. The belly button piercing hygiene is however time-consuming and regularly over a long period of time to carry out - who is not ready for it, should rather do without the beautiful jewelry. Also important: directly after the piercing the piercer sticks the freshly pierced piercing completely - please do not remove this plaster for one day to protect the wound. In this time no further care is necessary, it is important that no dust, no lint and no germs get to the wound. If the navel piercing is freshly pricked should the first weeks apart from disinfection spray and clear water also nothing to the wound, also no shower gel or soap. A spray is suitable very well for the care, since no touch is necessary here. Please always pay attention to it: absolutely wash hands, before the piercing is touched. In the first time do without sport, solarium, sauna, bath etc. and take good care that you don't get stuck on it when dressing, is also important. The best thing is to use the disinfectant and the care instructions that your piercer gives you - don't mix different products, this could even do more harm than good. If your skin gets dry after two weeks and you want to use something else, salt water and cold, strong chamomile tea will work as well. It is also important not to remove the piercing until it has healed completely. It is very useful to avoid tight clothing so that no pressure is exerted and the navel piercing does not get caught, so please do not wear coarse-meshed sweaters. Anyone who has ever got caught on the belly button piercing knows this can be painful. If the piercing healed, one can change the navel piercing, this 1st change happens with the piercer, because he can judge whether already a change is possible and he explains to you, how such a thing works in the future.

Navel piercing in pregnancy

In pregnancy, several factors make a belly button piercing really problematic: your skin becomes thinner, it stretches on your stomach, your immune system becomes weaker, so that the risk of inflammation increases. All this ensures on the one hand that nobody of a pregnant woman will sting a navel piercing and on the other hand that you should not wear your existing navel piercing jewellery in the time of pregnancy. Clearly the sting was painful and now the belly button piercing can grow over. With a lot of luck your canal will not grow closed. If you don't want to leave this to chance, you can use so-called soft piercings made of bendable plastic. Although these are also unpleasant with a thick belly, but at least feasible. A belly button piercing for pregnant women is therefore feasible, but unpleasant. In no case you should use your normal, rigid belly button piercing despite belly!

Typical belly button piercing risks

Among the main risks of a navel piercing are the risk of inflammation, the risk of getting caught in clothing, sports or anywhere else. There is also the risk that your piercing will be perceived as very painful and that your piercing will grow out over time. To grow out we write something, the other belly button piercing dangers you can also avoid and avoid, e.g. by the right care described above, by wearing close-meshed clothes and by masking the complete piercing during sports. To the pain can only be said that there are anaesthetic ointments and sprays that dampen this a little and that some wearers felt the belly button piercing actually as harmless - perhaps you belong to these lucky ones. If your piercing is really outgrown only the belly button piercing 2 times helps. The same applies if the canal has closed during the wearing break of a pregnancy. A belly button piercing let pierce is no problem, except that the healing process arises again. Another risk of inflammation is a belly button piercing scar. If a scar has actually developed, it is difficult to remove or alleviate, for example with laser or ointments, but the dermatologist will inform you about it. The piercing of the abdominal piercing is also dangerous if it is not carried out by an experienced piercer: then nerves and blood vessels can be hit and injured. With a pierced nerve, a part of the skin can then be deaf. Therefore: look for a professional - for your sake!

What to do if the navel piercing is overgrown?

Perhaps a small tip: there are very different navel forms and two possibilities where a navel piercing can sit: at the upper navel edge or at the lower navel edge. Depending on the umbilical shape and location, the risk of growing out is greater or lesser. In itself the outgrowth of a piercing is the completely normal defense reaction of your body, it hits especially surface piercings. Unlike superficial wounds, a piercing leaves a canal, so it forms a tunnel-shaped "scar". Sometimes this canal grows a little too big, especially if the wound becomes infected. So the jewellery is pushed more towards the surface and pressed until it grows out at some point. However, inflammation can easily be avoided by hygiene and proper care. Before a navel piercing is pushed through the skin and it tears and has to be sewn, it is better that you take it out in time and let it heal and grow over. Then you can let it sting for the 2nd time without any problems. Of course you can also simply let the navel piercing wax if you don't want it anymore. Just take it out (but only if there is no inflammation or irritation) and wait, it will close, the channel will close. It can be, there is only a small scar left or depending on the healing meat also a hole, in this case you can let the doctor "scratch" it so that it grows together well. But it won't become completely invisible. Even during the growth phase it needs time, proper care, hygiene and no tight clothing. Would you like the navel piercing to grow over because of inflammation? This makes everything more complicated, in which case you must visit a doctor instead of taking it yourself from an inflamed wound. The doctor can remove it professionally and prescribe the right care products and possibly medication.

Is umbilical piercing also used on men?

The belly button piercing is considered sexy and more feminine, but in fact it is becoming more and more popular with men. The Curved Barbell bananas also offer motifs without glittering stones, chains and small pendants, but instead cool tribal motifs, pistols or skulls, which is also popular with men. Why shouldn't men have their navel pierced? If you want to show off your belly beautifully, you can also do this as a man without any problems, just don't choose too playful or sparkling banana piercings for your jewellery, but use cool motifs. Also CHICNET offers you as a man numerous variants for a men belly button piercing - look around you! Belly button piercing Boys and a belly button piercing for men are no longer taboos, but fashion.

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