Tattoos and piercings in the professional world

For an expression of your individuality, for their employers but signs of dubious appearance and absolute NoGo in call: the talk is of visible body jewelry in the form of tattoos and piercings. We are talking about small tattoos in the area face and neck or larger on the arms and body piercing, plugs and tunnels in the face. Extreme forms such implants or large facial tattoos, as well as tons of facial piercings are logically a setting obstacle and safely accepted in very few professions. But what about the less extreme forms, it is possible here career and to combine their own preference for this type of body jewelry? And what are the options if the employer does not tolerate this, but do not want to do without it in their free time? How to hide tattoos or piercings? And there are in their own industry others who face the same challenge? Here we address these questions.

• The Jobs Piercing & Tattoo go

Piercings and tattoos are now widely used in all sectors of society. Earlier they were a sign of dockers, bouncers, rockers or prisoners in normal jobs they have been shunned hand as untrustworthy. But as it looks now, the jobs that go piercing and tattoo? Are they still Karrierekiller? In fact, this is highly dependent on industry and employers. Those who work for example in creative professions as an artist, web designer, or the like, or is self-employed, it is relatively easy with this type body jewelry, here much is accepted. Anders sees in reputable professions such as bankers, insurance agents, IT Consultant and generally made in the financial sector and in sales. More serious the industry, the more important the customer and the more customers contact you professionally, the more subtle the body jewelry has to be canceled. Here piercings should be better removed, or may be replaced with inconspicuous jewelery, so as a small nose stud today mostly no longer a problem. Tattoos should be visible in any case to arms, neck or face. Note should also: just because the body jewelry is tolerated by the boss, this does not mean that they get the same opportunities for advancement as reputable acting colleagues. In employment, a ban on piercings and tattoos are detained. This is legal, because the appearance of the employees affected the company's image. It is also important, who wants to show his tattoo or piercing open later in the job that it can not hide in the interview, here scores honesty. Who wants to play it safe, taking piercings out to work and wears tattoos only on invisible bodies.

• How to hide a tattoo

You already have a tattoo and want to work in a company that does not want your tattoos are visible to the customer? Weglasern is not an option, because you privately love your tattoo, but also your professional position. What you now have options? the tattoo is on the upper body, arms or back and shines through the white shirt? There is the option to wear a special business Vest, this there is long-sleeved, tightly cut and the skin tone. It is also available in lengths so designed that it can not slip out of the trousers, poking out even under the sleeves and remains invisible through V-neck under the shirt, even without a tie and with two open buttons. In winter, very practical, but in summer it might be hot. Here you can see the tattoos as Mask with patches. But what if you are in the face, neck or neck? Here helps camouflage makeup, this has a high pigment content and is resistant to heat, friction and water for about a 24 hour period. Work is first with a Neutralizer, with which one the tattoo slightly gray colored, with black this is white, orange with blue, green with red and violet yellow. Then mixed from the Make Up its own color and carries the camouflage on. Between the individual layers are stabilized with Setting Powder.

• How to hide a piercing

You have a new job and the boss wants no visible piercings in his employees? Removing You also do not want the piercing permanently, because you do not want to grow the hole and enjoys spending time wear it? There is a simple solution: so-called retainer, this cover the piercing so that you might not see, but get the hole. These are available either transparent or flesh-colored, soft materials such as PTFE, silicone or Bioflex, e.g. in order to fill the tunnel. Or they are made of metal, but are designed as an invisible piercings, for example, U-shaped septum retainer that does not protrude from the nose. Generally in retainers all shapes and sizes are possible, they are suitable to replace any piercing as placeholders. For this purpose they are designed as unobtrusive as possible and disappear almost entirely in the branch canal. In this they are used as normal piercings. Completely invisible a piercing is therefore unfortunately not however, so you should consider before puncturing, in which career field you want to work later and what has the higher priority for you. What in some industries also is possible: avoid flashy jewelry and replace with a subtle variation, for example, a nose ring with a chic little plug. This is often not accepted.

• Distribution of tattoos and piercings by occupation

Generally, there are professions where tattoos and piercings are more likely to find, and still others in which they are seldom or hidden. Among artists, musicians, actors or footballers tattoos and piercings are widely used and are considered fashionable and cool, as well as expression of individuality. Even with graphic designers, programmers, DJs, and ordinary workers, and in occupations without customer contacts they are usually not perceived as disturbing. In scene hairdressers and of course Tattowierern and piercers they come even on particularly well. It is more difficult, however, if you want to police or in conservative professions like finance and insurance. Likewise, politicians or salespersons reputable companies should be cautious about tattoos and piercings. Anything can hide normally is not a problem. But clearly visible tattoos or piercings on the face, neck or arms may leave a dubious impression on the customer and therefore interfere with the visibility of the company. distributed by gender can be said that men are significantly more likely than women tattowiert. The piercings this is the other way around, women are often pierced. Moreover, the younger generation clearly contributes more piercings and tattoos than their elders. Also, studies show that the unemployed are almost twice as likely pierced and tattowiert as employees. In addition, a function shows the income, the more is earned, the less likely are tattoos and piercings.


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