Surface bars

This type of piercings is a surface piercing and it can be worn anywhere, whether on the chest, neck, hip, neck, hand or around the eye and at the root of the nose. Surface bars are so to speak Barbell piercings, where both ends are bent 90 degrees upwards. The rod lies under the skin, so they are so-called microdermals. Look out of the skin for the threads on which balls, cones or other shapes can be screwed. Above the skin then only these two screwed jewelry are visible. The distance between the two depends on which Surface Bars jewelry you wear and that depends on how far you got this piercing, so how long is the stitch channel. The bars of our piercings measure about 10.5 mm.

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Staples Barbell Piercings

The 90 degree bend of the surface bars is important because it reduces the surface tension of the skin. The less tension on the piercing and the skin, the lower the risk that the piercing grows out again. Apart from the bend, the depth of the surface bars is also important; if they are too deep, the screwed-on pieces of jewelery push against the skin, which reddens and becomes inflamed. But if they are not deep enough, the piercing is too loose and the balls or cones at the ends stick out together with the pin. They can even tilt and irritate the whole tissue. Here we recommend piercing this piercing only by an experienced piercer. The use of Long StaplesAm most well-known are probably two places, with which long surface bars in the Long Staples form are used already long: the eyebrow piercing and the bridge nose root piercing. Meanwhile, these piercings are also used as microdermals in many different parts of the body, some even connect them with each other, for example, with strings to a corset lacing. In addition to the breast are popular places to use the surface bars of the neck or in women's hips. Instead of piercing on the eyebrow, some piercing under the eye, here too, this piercing is used, which is also called Staples Barbell Piercing.
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