Stretching rods are also called expander and have the typical conical spike shape, that is, they start as a broad rod and then run to a point. Usually they are provided with two rubber rings, these stabilize the rod in front of and behind the piercing hole so that it does not slip. The good thing about the staff is that stretching is very easy. In a stretch screw or other expander forms, one must also consider the various bends and curves that must be pushed through the puncture channel. On the other hand, with the stretching stick, you simply start with the tip and then push it on until you have reached your own distance, or for stretching, always a little bit further. Stretching rods are available in different sizes or strengths.

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Variants of the expansion rods

The different rod expanders differ in sizes / thicknesses, designs and materials. We mainly offer acrylic stretch rods in different thicknesses and patterns, sometimes also combined with faceted glass crystals. Acrylic is suitable for expander due to the smooth surface, also you can easily work with Vaseline or other lubricants. Our strengths range between two and twelve millimeters. Add to that the variety of patterns. Acrylic offers numerous print designs, from Animal Zebra or Leo Look to colorful rainbow colors to neon green. Even stars, skulls or simple black with glass crystal at the top can be found here. Stretching with ExpanderIt is advisable to slowly stretch the piercing holes instead of letting them pierce, otherwise there is no tissue needed to stretch them. If you want tunnels or want to expand on other piercings, you better go the slow, safe path. Taking your time and really not having to skip size requires patience and many different stretch rods, but protects against risky and unattractive complications such as tears, infections, and skin buckling. Tricks that facilitate stretching are to be stretched after bathing, when the tissue is relaxed and apply a lubricant such as vaseline to the expander. Pause for pain until you have calmed down. It is important not to turn the rod during insertion, because the skin is under tension and can tear through the rotational movement. If you have reached the width of the rod, you can either wear it as jewelry for a few days or push the matching tunnel into the widened ear hole while removing it.
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