Straight barbell piercing

The Straight Barbell Piercing gets...
The Straight Barbell Piercing gets its name from its shape: it resembles a dumbbell, because it consists of a straight rod with threads and screw-on balls. Of course, it does not have to be balls, with at least one side usually bearing a ball. Otherwise, cone tops, faceted glass crystals or stones are also possible, or completely different shapes such as hearts, anchors, stars, skulls and much more. The Straight Barbell Piercing is as the name implies, so the stylus is straight. Since it can be used for a variety of places, there are also a variety of lengths, after all, the lengths range from smaller for tongue and nipple to large at the ear than Industrial. Also for Intimpiercings like Straight Barbells are used.
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Variants of the Straight Barbell Piercing

The different models of Straight Barbell Piercing differ in length, material thickness of the pin and diameter of the balls or other forms at the ends. In addition, they are made of different materials. The soft acrylic, silicone, Bioflex or PTFE are good for the tongue, for example, so as not to damage the teeth and gums. At the nipple or at the bridge of the nose as a bridge piercing are also well suited the variants of metal. This variant can also be worn on the ear. In colors we offer in rainbow colors iridescent stainless steel, also silver, golden, metallic blue, black, as well as transparent, red, blue and other colors, as well as neon shades. Many of our straight barbell piercing models wear a zirconia or glass crystal in different colors and shapes, for example stars. For the gentlemen there are also skulls or arrows. In our large selection is for every taste the right thing. Unlike other barbells If you like our designs well, take a look at the other related categories Piercing Banana and Circular Barbell, and here are some great piercing styles, with the only difference being that their bars are not straight. The banana piercing or curved barbell is slightly curved, the circular barbell shows a round ring or the popular horseshoe shape.
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