Sting information around the piercing

Once it gets serious, of course, do with the piercing itself stinging questions. If you have no experience Piercing will ask primarily how does the jump, how and with what is pierced? How strong are the pains that come on the pierced? Are there ways to stun them? The proper care of the newly pierced jewelery requires the information. We also want to go over what you can do, should your new piercing actually ignite. The theme stinging yourself, we also devote a paragraph. Interesting for newcomers and those entities responsible for a piercing is coming into question, and the age at which the piercing is possible. The materials are also important, here we go to the compatibility to read the usual thickness of the material and inform you about the different possibilities of materials. Finally, there is also a paragraph to the special cases: what is to be observed in operating rooms, X-ray, a pregnancy or in sport.

The piercing piercing

In the following section we describe the whole process of piercing piercing. The pain we can only partly provide information because they are perceived differently by each. In addition to our advice to the sting as enjoyable as possible, there are other possibilities. We describe three variations, as you can stun and cater to pros and cons. Very important is that your piercer comply with any applicable laws and that he enlightens you about possible risks, as well as all information on the proper care provides is. We advise you to follow his advice really. Especially with a fresh piercing is necessary to observe some, but all these things are necessary to avoid complications. Also we will here go over what belongs in the healing phase to you. Finally, we go to the different types of piercing, so that gives you an overview before you choose what suits you.

How is a piercing razor?

Many people who like a first piercing would like to come with a queasy feeling to Piercer. This fear has mostly to do with the fact that you may not know exactly will expire as of the whole process of piercing. Of course, the sting of piercings varies always easy, depending on the desired position and type. Roughly was here but now the flow of an average piercings piercing described. First, you will inform your piercer about all the details of the stabbing, he explains to you about any risks, you know points to a special care and maintenance products, and explains how to prevent an inflammatory response.

Piercing its desired location is then cleaned and the skin swabbed with disinfectant. Subsequently, a pin is unsheathed and your part of the body which is to be decorated later by piercing marked.

Using pliers, now the skin area is a little drawn out and fixed. This piercing plier has two annular clamps which are placed over the selected entry and exit point of the piercing head. So the piercing needle can be set and passed to the selected point. Why is that necessary? Well, ask yourself would you as before Sticking her tongue out and hold very still while pierced is.

It's getting serious: with a hollow needle, the piercing hole is pierced. Depending on the point will probably take one second. Then the Piercers tweaks in most cases from the needle with pliers. The hollow needle or cannula is pulled out, leaving only a small plastic tube. With its help can now be inserted through the Erstschmuck the fresh piercing hole. Then the ball is screwed onto the piercing and you survived it. You are again notified and given care instructions information on healing time, etc., then you may spend hours in the mirror your piercing admire, if you want. But it was not so bad, right?

Where can you get pierced everywhere?

The following section, we devote the potential for a piercing of the body. But what parts of the body are suitable for it? And what piercing types are there?


The eyebrow piercing is often engraved and is one of the most popular piercing types. The lancing process is similar to the general lancing process is described which on our side. In 97% of eyebrow piercings, the last third of the eyebrow is pierced, as in the other two-thirds - which could cause injury to extend important and sensitive nerves - facing the nose. With two - four weeks healing time, it is one of the relatively quick healing piercings. Which piercing types are possible on the eyebrow? Actually, there is only this one classic piercing in the eyebrow. However, various models Piercing be worn. Most commonly, the Curved Barbell or the banana is used, or a captive bead ring piercing.

Belly button piercing

The navel piercing is one of the most common piercings at all. There is really hardly painful, carries little risk and has great sex appeal Image. During grooving, there is hardly noticeable changes to the general description on our side. Normally, a navel piercing heals in 2 - 4 months. However, it can take up to one year. Classically, the upper wall of the navel is pierced the navel piercing. Some have pierced even the lower portion or the left or right edge of the navel, but this is rather an exception. Just what the piercing jewelry design are hardly any limits in terms of set navel piercing. No matter which type you are sure you will find a navel piercing design that suits you. The so-called Curved Barbell or banana-called piercing is most popular. This piercing is available in all colors, shapes and materials, and a variety of ornaments.

Breast / Nipple

The nipple piercing in women is in the history of piercings in many natural strains not indispensable. Lately it is mainly used in men also increasingly fashionable. Basically this also piercing when stinging has described a similar sequence as on our side. However, some piercers cool the nipple before starting and then sting only. Also, the jump-off in the woman falls usually easier, since the nipple protrudes slightly. However, both are no problem for an experienced piercer. Still important for women: Normally, makes a nipple piercing no problems with breastfeeding. During the shutdown process, the piercing should be removed but in any case. In addition, you are advised to pay particular attention to the material of the piercings and only use particularly high-quality and in any case materials which could dissolve and so could get into the child's body. There are other ways to pierce the breast or nipple does not actually. However, one can also here between different types of piercing for inserting and select the style. Especially popular are straight barbell, curved barbell, or circular barbell. Need to be considered here: the beginning after harvesting not use excessive piercings and use during sports a simple piercing pavement to avoid unnecessary friction arises and thereby could result in a risk of mastitis.

Lip piercing

The lip piercing is after eyebrow piercing Piercing the most popular piece of jewelry on the face. A lip piercing is usually referred to by professionals as "Labret". Even when lip piercing, the process is not really deviating from that described in our general process of piercing piercing. When Lippenpiercing there are actually many options in terms usable piercing types. Actually, you can have no matter where your lips sting a piercing. Even more are possible. Our graphic illustrates the most common lip piercings. Whether you are there now use a straight barbell, curved barbell or a ring you can decide. It must be noted only that your Erstpiercing is long enough and the lip is not pinched when it swells.



The lip frenulum piercing is a very unusual piercing, because you really can not see. The Piercing is stung in the frenulum of the upper lip, alternatively it can also be engraved in smaller frenulum of the lower lip. In addition still comes the frenulum in question. The pain is very low because it is just so thin skin and the healing time is two to three weeks is very short. Watching you have here that you're not very abrade the gums and tooth enamel by too great a piercing.

Nose piercing

The nose piercing is very popular and deeply rooted in many cultures. The lancing process is completed within a few seconds and often no longer hurts afterwards also. The healing time is between weeks and 3 months. Since nose piercing is accrues very quickly recommended not to remove the piercing. If you want to hide the piercing but even so, one can use a so-called Piercing Retainers. This is transparent and made of plastic, which is why you can recognize him only by very close examination. In fact, there are at nose piercings are almost as great variety of species such as piercing with lip piercings. The famous are listed here:

Nostril: The most common piercing in the nose is the Nostril piercing. Here the piercing hole is pierced through the wall of the nostril.

Septum: The septum is popular in many natural cultures. The hole for the piercing is stung here by the nasal septum, below the nasal cartilage.

Bridge: The Bridge Piercing is stung on the nose or on the upper bridge of the nose. Thereby, it usually looks like a "bridge" over the nose, where it takes its name. Unfortunately, this piercing is relatively prone to inflammation.

Nasallang: This piercing is only for die-hards. It penetrates the nose and the nasal septum, so you pricks in the end two Nostils and a septum. The individual holes can then be connected to a piercing.

Austin Bar: This exceptional piercing passes horizontally through the front tip of the nose cartilage. The piercing is not very widespread. So just the thing if you want to attract attention.


Almost everyone has an earring in piercing the area also known as "praise". But what possibilities there are to bring jewelry to the ear? There are so many ways that it's almost hard to keep track. Another advantage is clearly the rapid healing time of just 2-4 weeks. During grooving there is still the possibility to use a piercing gun, when the piercing is inserted into the gun and then simply shot through the skin. Many piercers reject this, however, because the method is considered to be onerous for the fabric. There are in the region of the ear a lot of different kinds Piercing, each carrying a special designation. Here is a brief overview:


Is the piercing piercing painful?

This question is probably the most frequently asked question, which must listen Piercing Lovers. But can a lump sum to this question is not the chance to know so you must figure it out themselves. Nevertheless, we have again made us a few thoughts on the subject. When piercing is pierced with a needle or skin tissue, ie. Of course there is pain, and of course it is bleeding a bit. However, most pain when piercings are fairly low. A navel piercing or a tragus at the ear, for example, are piercings which one really often. Thus, the pain can not be that bad, otherwise it would indeed only very few people.

If the question of the pain during piercing piercing so busy, you should understand one thing: Everyone feels pain differently. Pain is subjective. Moreover their daily condition plays an important role. Have you anyway headaches, are tired, stressed or irritated, you may feel much more uncomfortable than when you completely relaxed, relaxed and in a good mood to go on a day to pierce. Fear is also a factor which it is not to be underestimated. Did they really afraid of something, one is automatically completely uptight and tense. Therefore: Go to a piercer in which you feel comfortable and trust. Leave until all questions have been clarified to consult so long. And you dare even to ask any questions no matter how petty. A reputable piercing studio owners is to take your time and answer to everything. In this case, the greatest fear is then also mostly gone.

If the spot stunned when piercing?

Despite all the questions answered and the trust that you have placed your Piercingstudio you still afraid? Maybe before the pain, maybe just in front of the needle? Then there is still the possibility of an anesthetic. This path is by no means a coward. Everyone should decide for yourself which one feels most comfortable. Therefore we would like to present some methods of anesthesia here now. Let's start with the surface anesthesia - a spray or an ointment is applied directly to the skin surface.

1.Betńubungssalbe: The ointment can be purchased at any pharmacy and quite simply be used by anyone. They deployed to about 100 minutes, a numbing effect. So you need to just remember the good time to apply ointment before the deadline. But you should also talk to your piercer course beforehand.

2.Eisspray: Really numbing the ice spray does not work necessarily. It "freezes" the skin and acting but kŘhlend- is actually nevertheless meaningful bruises and in sports medicine. Especially since it also should not be used on mucous membranes or in the genital area.

Now for the real anesthesia - regional anesthesia, so the anesthesia syringe.

3.Spritze: With a syringe is injected subdermal an anesthetic (in the fabric). After about 10 minutes the affected area is then anesthetized. Such a syringe can also be done by a doctor or a healthcare professional - there are so few piercer that can meet this requirement. However, in this case the pain of piercing piercing is exchanged in the end only the pain of the anesthetic injection. Since both are similar in most cases, you should consider whether this method is really useful.

Pierce piercing itself

You'd like to have a piercing, but it's too expensive for you to go into a piercing studio? Or you are under 18 years and did not get parental consent? And now you are hoping for a painless and risk-free Do It Yourself Manual? We have to disappoint you, this does not exist. A piercing even to piercing can be quite go wrong and that in the truest sense of the word. Without the work materials in Piercing Studio you can easily slip and the piercing is oblique. Even pain or heavy bleeding, you can scare so that you slip or break. The consequences are inflammation, scarring or bruising and infection. For minors, it is only then legal experience problems with parents who previously wanted to give any consent to pierce. To treat these consequences then becomes painful and only really expensive. In addition, it is also not cheap to get yourself disinfectant, dressings and swabs, a terminal, an indwelling and Erstschmuck and all maintenance products. Here you really save in the wrong place. In addition, you can damage a lot permanently, at a genital piercing may lead to a total loss of sensation. But also an ear piercing can permanently damage the cartilage. When Lip piercing even palsies may result, you should get the wrong place. Therefore, we can experiment with the piercing will only advise before.

Which piercing is right for me?

The question of the right piercing is a type question. The piercing should finally underline your personality and your style. Therefore, it depends on your everyday styling. Make sure you dress more elegant and serious? Then adjusts to a small plug on the nasal wall or a discreet ear piercing. Like the current hipster style and do not just work in a bank? Then there may be tunnel or a septum nose ring. You like the piercing more in private and off the job, but at work it should remain undetected? How about with a navel piercing? A nipple piercing easy to conceal. Or feel free to style punk, rock and wild? Then tongue and lip piercings are possible or even more striking: the Dermal Anchors. In our Piercing Overview for an overview, what is possible and sometimes also an indication of how painful the place is. Who is more sensitive to pain, should choose one of the places that cause less pain. Remember should that Piercings harbor risks for the teeth and gums in the mouth area, who here anyway already has problems should refrain from oral piercings. In addition, note the own problem areas: For example, if your stomach is not trained and show him reluctant or do not like to wear midriff, then makes a navel piercing little sense, since it does not come into its own. In addition, a piercing would attract attention only right to the problem area. The healing time we mentioned in the overview, it is also a selection criterion. So if you are on the move a lot, then you should prefer a quick healing piercing. In addition, you should always make sure before a piercing that this is allowed in the school or at work. Because piercings can not just take out for days one, then grow into this.

Prerequisites for a piercing (age, etc.)
Can everyone get pierced?

Basically here once "Yes". A few limitations are there but then:

1. Strictly considered legally the sting of a piercing is a personal injury and therefore punishable. Therefore, you must complete an extra declaration of consent in most reputable piercers before you go to the piercing. So you sign a document, you allow the "assault" and the possible consequences of the implementation are aware. Thus, the piercer can protect against legal consequences, because your piercer is not a doctor, which is why it needs to protect itself from ads hedge.

2. In addition, the piercer must carry out a consultation before each jump, in which attention to complications and dangers. If such an informed consent discussion is not taking place, could you ask court for pain and suffering. In such a consultation should also own safety's sake do without. Clarifies a piercer not about risks or proper care to, you should ask his professionalism in question and look for another studio.

3. The age also plays a role. In Germany, everyone is allowed to be pierced, who has reached the age of 18 years. Minors must be able to show a written consent of a parent or guardian. Generally, however, reject the most reputable piercing studios piercing of persons under 14 years from complete.
Piercing Material

When choosing the right piercing the material thickness and the material and its compatibility play a major role. Did you know for example, that not all materials are suitable for the Erstschmuck? Here, unfortunately, can be selected not only according to personal style preference, since each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Just as long as the piercing is still open and not healed, it is very important to use only well tolerated by the skin and nickel-free materials that promote the healing process. The maintenance and cleaning differs from material to material. Who wants to feel any foreign body sensation, should have recourse to soft, flexible and lightweight materials. In order for a piercing is not amalgamate with the skin a smooth surface duty, so it does not grow, it needs a certain minimum thickness. The piercing strength I oriented just on the part of the body and the kind of body piercing. About common strengths and suitable materials, we inform you in the following section. If you follow some basic principles, you will prolong the enjoyment of your piercing.

Piercing Material thickness

When you first piercing course also raises the question of what thickness should have the indwelling, because this determines what about strength, so has what diameter of Erstschmuck and logically all the jewelry that you want to wear later in the piercing hole. Of course, nobody wants to be pierced with a needle extremely thick, but one should also pay attention to the usual material thicknesses. After all, you want to later have as much choice when you embark on the search for new piercings. Has established itself in recent years in nearly all forms of piercing the material thickness of 1.6 mm, it is considered as a kind of standard. In the genital area even 2.0 mm or up to 2.5 mm are perceived as normal. For eyebrows, nostrils and ear holes even smaller thicknesses of 1.0 mm or 1.2 mm also used. Places that are often driven need thicker strengths as quietly held positions. With too thin piercing on a highly agitated body namely, the danger is that the Piercing grows. This means the jewelry expresses itself gradually through the tissue and at the end you have no more piercing. Of these, one hardly notices, this happens painlessly over time. Therefore Surface, nipples and genital piercings are at least 1.6 mm thick. If you want to play it safe, says an experienced piercer directly to it. He can certainly recommend the most appropriate for your body part thickness. He also knows the current Piercing sizes on the market.

Material compatibility

Choosing the right material is not insignificant for a piercing. Of particular importance is the material of Erstschmuckes, since the wound has not yet healed, and you are much more sensitive with a vacancy. It is recommendable here to dispense with nickel-containing materials. If you have any allergies, you can wear this like once the piercing has healed, but the wound was not possible nickel, which is even made of silver and stainless steel. This could otherwise cause inflammation or even go over the wound in the body. Safe Here are the allergy-free titanium which does not react with body fluids or well-tolerated, flexible and smooth PTFE Teflon or Bioflex Erstpiercings. For smooth surfaces of piercings should be paid, rough surfaces allow the skin to the piercing to grow. For Erstpiercing are also suitable Implantanium and 999 niobium, they are very well tolerated, because you are also used in medicine, but unfortunately also very expensive and offer less choice. These materials have a nickel content below 0.05% as required by an EU law on the definition of the use of nickel from the year 2000th If the piercing is already healed, also silver, gold, stainless steel, acrylic and organic materials may be used. Organic piercings made of wood, horn, bone or amber let the skin breathe while wearing, this reduces the sebum. In addition, these materials always keep a comfortable temperature. In our material overview, you can get more detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of individual materials.

What are piercings?

Not every material is suitable for sure than to be used piercing jewelry. Even if one sees quite often people with safety pins in your ears or nose, one should not imitate this same.

We have here again the most common piercing materials listed and inform you about their advantages, but also potential risks.

Acrylic Piercings:

Acrylic is a transparent plastic, which can be dyed in all imaginable colors. Like many plastics, he is distinguished by its smooth surface. Generally acrylic piercings are considered body friendly and kind to the skin. A disadvantage of acrylic are tiny pores in the plastic. In this course, impurities through sweat, saliva, sebum and collect differently, which can lead to unpleasant odors or skin irritation. Should counteract the acrylic Piercings are cleaned regularly and thoroughly with soap and water. As Erstschmuck Acrylic is not suitable and also by the use of infected branch ducts is also recommended. Popular is acrylic mainly in Plugs and Dehnstńben, this can even be processed so that they glow under UV light. A danger in acrylic jewelry is its high fragility, so you should make sure that it does not fall. If this happens you should pay attention to small tears, because splinters can injure the skin and a cracked surface can lead to the growth of the skin.

Bioflex piercings:

Bioflex is a plastic which is used primarily in the medical technology. Therefore it is suitable for piercing jewelry as well because it can be sterilized and cleaned without problems. As the name suggests, the plastic has a very high biocompatibility, it is therefore tolerated by tissue. Therefore, only occur in very rare cases of allergies. Indeed Bioflex is therefore used as Erstschmuck. Another advantage is also that the material can be easily cut off once the piercing wound has healed and the large scope, eg is no longer needed on the lip. Also Bioflex is very comfortable to wear because it is flexible and resilient. So it adapts flexibly to body movements, which is perceived as pleasant as rigid materials that feel like foreign bodies. The easy to clean and smooth surface make Bioflex it were immune to the deposition of sebum, body fluids and other, so that unpleasant odors can be well prevented. The transparent Bioflex can be dyed in many colors and patterns, providing a wide variety of designs. Its flexibility makes it ideal for piercings in the genital area.

Surgical Steel piercings

A Piercingaus 316L surgical steel consists of a stainless alloy of iron and has a low nickel content, increasing the risk of an allergic reaction (nickel contact dermatitis) is kept minimal. Also, the nickel is tied, only when an open wound nickel salts can be absorbed into the body. Surgical Steel piercings should therefore be used only after the healing of the branch canal. In an inflammation but the jewelry should be swiftly replaced with another material. Surgical Steel piercings are considerably colder and heavier than other materials, but very durable and resistant. They can easily be cleaned and steam sterilized. Stainless steel piercings can be combined with many materials, so that for example only pen and the small ball out of Surgical Steel are, the greater attachment can however also made of nacre, his paua abalone shell, wood, coral or gemstones made. Such variants can be found in our shop, because stainless steel piercings offer the possibility of a large design variety. Another advantage of the surgeon steel is its luster, which can be obtained by polishing. Who is to matte titanium, which makes use of surgical steel. However, the fabric can be stretched more by the weight of the material and the cold of the steel is not very pleasant in winter.

Wooden Piercings

Wooden piercings are usually made of hardwood and thus consist of the oldest material for jewelery in the world. They are popular because they keep a comfortable temperature mainly because of their low weight and the wear comfort. The material is easy to process and is very smooth ground (it is suitable especially the hardwood), so that no tissue grows. Even wood is to buy low in color and grain very varied and depending on the type of wood. Wood piercing let the skin breathe around the puncture channel, which sebum and odors prevents largely. Thus, wood is a very hygienic material. However, there are also woods with many pores in these deposits are skin and sweat can collect. Also solve many types of wood from allergies, so here you have to pay attention to what you can tolerate. It is important that the wood piercing is entered at least one week as there is so best adapts to the puncture site. Size and color deviations are possible because they are natural products.


Horn-piercings are very popular because they offer a high wearing comfort and the hygiene standards are very high. They reduce the risk of unpleasant odor, because the skin can breathe thanks to the organic material. Horn-piercings are very easy to work with and to shape, but should not be too rough ground. In addition, size and color variations are possible, as there are natural products in Horn-piercings. Horn reserves when worn consistently a pleasant temperature, in contrast to the cold metal piercings. Horn is fragile and therefore should not be dropped. It can be processed very smoothly and this is also important because cracks and unevenness can grow on the tissue piercing.


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