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Organic Hoops & Pin Earrings are very special earrings made of natural materials. The most varied shapes, designs and colors can be found here with the popular wooden hoops with pins. The Organic Ear Jewelry is made of wood and is handmade. Pin hoops do not require much stretched ear holes and are so easy to carry. They show the shape of an open top circle, this opening provides space for the earlobe. Some forms of wooden hoops with pins are wide and painted, others are narrowly carved. On both sides of the circular opening, Organic Hoops & Pin Earrings have tiny holes through which you push the pin and attach it to your ear. The pin is usually made of wood or horn and is a thin stick that tapers towards the front. There are also larger variants of wooden hoops with pins that reach far down and are ornately carved or painted.

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Organic Pin Hoops

The Wood Hoops with Pins assortment features both creative, colorfully painted variants, as well as the Organic and Tribal Style. Depending on the design, Organic Hoops & Pin Earrings are therefore wearable by men and women. They are versatile in use, whether in everyday life, for the party or even elegant for outing outfit, depending on the variant everything is possible. Due to the subtle size of most creoles, they fit on many occasions. But of course it is also colorful, big and eye-catching. We offer you in this category a huge selection that can be combined with other organic jewelry. Suitable are eg our wooden chains. Despite the filigree carving and ornate handpainting they are affordable at really low prices: our wooden hoops with pins. Wooden Creoles with Pins as a Special Earring The most colorful variety of Pin Creolen are made of wood and in the truest sense of the word. Here are many colorful and sometimes even hand-painted variants with patterns, flowers, pip pattern, wave patterns or even hemp leaves. Some of these patterns are also found in our wooden chains and wooden bangles, similar colorful floral patterns can be found on our hand-painted wooden rings. Our wooden hoops with pins are also available in different shapes and sizes. Thus, the right thing for every taste. The only requirement is a normal ear hole.
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