Stainless steel piercing

Piercing is our umbrella term for our fashionable trend piercing jewelry. This is a colorful mix and offers a wide range of spikes, spirals, plugs, tunnels, expanders and fake piercings. All this in different materials, be it gaudy colorful and pleasantly smooth in acrylic, or even tunnel jewelery made of well-tolerated surgical steel, sometimes also with rhinestones. The color shapes and sizes are numerous, and all at a fair price.

Trendy Trend Piercings

Also you get with us both real piercings and Dehnstäbe, as well as their Fake Piercing variant. So it is possible for you, even with unrestrained earholes to create the illusion of being pierced. Whether screw cap, plug-in closure, with ball or screws, we offer very different, secure systems so that everyone can find their favorite variant. Acrylic offers the advantage of piercing that it can show bright colors, gradients and patterns. Here are prints of skulls, flames, leopard look, chessboard, stars and other possible. This results in a completely different style than the organic piercing, which is either naturally grained or handpainted. Here at the Piercing you will also find neon colors and patterns that are reminiscent of Pop Art. These can be perfectly combined with our pop art or no sunglasses. Our silicone bracelets and silicone necklaces, which you will receive in various patterns and many colors, are also suitable for this, including neon colors. Also among the brass chains are very colorful models with knots, these can also be ideally combined to the Piercingschmuckstücken this category. In the rings, we recommend our colorful glass rings, which are also available with glitter, and the brightly colored wooden rings. As you can see, we also have many possible combinations for the pieces of jewelery in the piercing category.
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