Stainless Steel Earrings

Metal earrings are nickel free, have stainless steel plugs and stand out with bright, summery colors and animal designs. Actually, these are metal earrings that are designed as hoops. With our fashionable metal earrings you are guaranteed to attract the attention and bring color into your life. Also popular is the animal design in zebra or leopard look. You can choose between many other colors such as neon green, orange, pink and yellow. The color on the outside is different than the color of the inside of the metal earrings. Furthermore, our range includes metal earrings in leopard style with the colors orange, white, black or green, white black and zebra look in the colors black and pink. The metal earrings weigh very little so they are comfortable to wear.

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Costume Jewelery Metal Earrings

The metal earrings can also be optimally combined or complemented with other pieces of jewelery in the Chic-net Online Shop. If you want to focus on the neon-colored earrings or earrings in animal print and do not want to attract attention otherwise, then combine these earrings simply with simple silver jewelry. We recommend silver rings or bracelets made of pearls, shells or gemstones. Metal is easy to process into jewelery and gives the designers a great deal of flexibility within their activities. The hoops we offer in our online store are all about 43 mm to 52 mm in size and do not interfere with wear, as they are very light. With the big hoop earrings in animal design, you are in full swing and attract everyone's attention. This also applies to the neon-colored pieces of jewelry in the metal earrings category.
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