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Spirals / expander wood

Spiral / Expander Wood Piercings we...
Spiral / Expander Wood Piercings we offer you in a very large variety, especially our wood assortment includes a variety of designs, sizes, shapes, colors and designs. High quality, the expander and spirals are already in that they are real handcraft: they are hand carved and some of them are also handpainted artistically. Variants with crystals and unusual types of wood can be found here. Spiral / expander wood is available in different sizes, between about 2 mm to about 12 mm, most of them move. Wood expanders are characterized either by the natural grain of the wood, which can be very extravagant and artistic, such as grained, a stripe or dot pattern, marbled in different colors, etc. |-| Ornate Spirals / Expanders Wood Piercings ~~ There are also hand-painted wood expanders, which are primed in one color and often show flowersPatterns, the Hawaiian flower, as well as tabby patterns are very popular or they are colorfully patterned with stripes, spikes and waves. However, the spirals / expander wood are also decorated by elaborate carvings, for example when the piercing spiral becomes an elephant's head with a trunk. But other forms such as a swallow, elaborate ornaments and embellishments, anchors, wings or even clefs can be found here. For example, some expanders combine a wooden frame with wings made of iridescent mother-of-pearl or are set with faceted, sparkling glass crystals. Wooden Spirals and other Wooden Expander Shapes The Zebra Pattern in Animal Design is also very popular. Great contrasts arise when combining the color black with white or gold, we also offer these copies of the spiral / expander wood piercings here. Other expanders
Mini-expansion screws wood

Mini-expansion screws Wood are expanders with very small...

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