Spirals / Expander Horn

Spiral / Expander Horn Jewelry is...
Spiral / Expander Horn Jewelry is hand carved and consists of buffalo horn. Its characteristic of always maintaining a constant temperature makes these piercings very comfortable. Whether painted, plain-colored, glossy or with a turquoise stone inlay, here you will find many different variants in different sizes. From the intricately carved Thai spiral to the expander in the form of a viper snake, everything is represented. Only horns of buffalo horn are used for our spirals / expander horn, which the farmers can not use and thus resell for jewelery. The farmers use the whole animal and kill it only when they need it. So no buffalo has to die for jewelery, that's what we value.
Mini-expansion screw horn

Mini-dilatation horn are a nice piercing variant. Our buffalo...

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Horn spirals and other shapes as horn earrings

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