Snakebite Piercing

Snakebite piercing - a real eye-catcherThe Snakebite piercing is a real eye-catcher: As a special kind of lip piercing, this piercing consists of two symmetrical piercings placed on the left and right of the lower lip. Already the symmetry of the two pierced piercings makes the Snakebite piercing an eye-catcher. Particularly expressive you set it with high-quality piercing jewelry in scene. You will find the right jewelry in our shop: Bring your Snakebite piercing effectively by choosing fashionable plastic piercings or elegant stainless steel piercings from our shop. Whether colorful or noble sparkling - our selection of Snakebite Piercings is wide-ranging.

Snakebite Piercing: Jewelery in colorful designs

For the Snakebite Piercing different Piercing types are suitable: Particularly popular are classic Labret plugs in straight form, which with Complete balls, tips or other jewelry objects. But also our piercings in banana shape, called Curved Barbell Piercings, promise a high wearing comfort as Snakebite Piercing and make the Lippiercing the optical figurehead. Depending on the location of the piercing, you can also find pieces of jewelry in the form of circular barbell piercings, which you will also find in our shop in many different designs. We carry Snakebite Piercings made of high quality stainless steel, which bring a long durability and a noble look. Both in shiny gold or silver look as well as in black, the stainless steel piercings look modern and elegant. In addition, we offer you a whole range of plastic piercings, which ensure a particularly high wearing comfort thanks to their flexible material quality. They are available in many bright colors and can thus be optimally adapted to the personal style and the chosen outfit. Make your Snakebite Piercing an eyecatcher: Our piercing jewelry is varied and gives your piercing always a new, extraordinary look.
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