925 sterling silver is also represented in the...

Silver tunnels

925 sterling silver is also represented in the tunnels silver earrings for stretched ear holes, because even this can and should look elegant. Plugs and tunnels are also available in 925 sterling silver, in different designs, shapes and patterns. 925 sterling silver is hypoallergenic and easy to care for as a precious metal. In addition, silver plugs and tunnels silver jewelry precious and are high quality. Those who value something special, are well advised with the silver tunnels. 925 sterling silver helps the tunnel silver jewelry to shine and makes stretched ear holes salonfähig. Combined with a chic silver pendant or one of our silver rings, you create your own set and can pick up and emphasize certain motifs. |-| Tribal silver plugs and tunnels ~~ Even these precious metal tunnels are suitable for stretching the ear holes, some we offer from just 2 mm in size, they are also pleasantly cool and smooth. The prices we try to keep as low as possible, but quality has its price. If the silver starts up, just polish it until it shines again. Otherwise, Tunnel Silver Ear Jewelry is relatively sturdy and less water sensitive than the organic materials. The motifs range from flowers, to Greek design, to Gothic cross or hearts, here should be something for everyone. Often, the same motifs can be found at the Brasstunneln, so that it is also possible for you to mix. Since we sell plugs and tunnels one by one, you can wear the same motif in one ear in silver, on the other in antique golden. Your creativity has a lot of room in our Tunnel Silver category. Tunnel Silver Assemble Piercings as a Set A motive that can be found and combined with silver jewelry everywhere due to its popularity is, for example, the Flower of Life, and of course also the Tree of Life. Here are the motifs also in the silver rings and pendants. With tunnels or plugs made of 925 sterling silver you give the typical tribal motifs a noble touch. Depending on the subject, the Tunnel Silver Piercings are also unisex wearable.

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