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Silver earrings

Silver earrings made of 925 sterling...
Silver earrings made of 925 sterling silver are considered noble and elegant. The silver handle ensures that even sensitive people can wear these earrings without problems. Our silver ear jewelery assortment includes a large number of different designs and variants, whether shiny polished, white oxidized, matt, twisted, dark oxidized, brushed or hammered. Also, all design wishes are realized between subtle and conspicuous. Many of the silver earrings designs are picked up on our silver pendants or silver rings, so that great combinations of high-quality jewelry sets are possible. In addition, there are as a category silver jewelry sets and gold-plated jewelry sets of silver, here are inexpensive sets of silver earrings ortarget = "_ blank"> Silver ear studs with pendants, bangles or rings. |-| Silver earrings in various shapes ~~ Whether striking or discreet, we have both large silver earrings with extravagant designs or cubic zirconia stones as an eye-catcher, as well as small, delicately crafted earrings and ear studs. Also, the silver earrings are divided into shiny polished or matt, which can be "brushed", hammered or scratched "matte". Also by oxidation, which gives it in light and dark, one reaches dull and special effects. Particularly popular are the animal motifs, the so-called animal design or just as desired: the flower of life. Earrings and studs are worn by men and women, being more prevalent among women and our silver earrings are different in design and motives
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