Silver earrings gold plated

Gold plated silver earrings are high quality and especially beautiful jewelry. You are looking for earrings in gold? Then you will find it here, we offer a selection of gold-plated 925 sterling silver earrings in various designs, also as hoops or in combination with real stones such as amethyst, smoky quartz, lemon quartz or lapis lazuli. As with the pure silver earrings, also applies to gold-plated silver earrings: you should take them off while swimming and showering, if you want to keep them beautiful permanently. Due to the precious metals gold and silver, these earrings are easy to care for and remain beautiful: you can simply clean them with a silver polishing cloth. Also the risk of an allergy is not so high with gold plated silver bars. In addition, the combination of gold and silver simply looks very attractive. But also completely gold plated silver earrings are a real eye-catcher, whether they are frosted or shiny polished. Gold jewelry is back in fashion and will never really go out of fashion.

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gold-plated earrings made of sterling silver

In our case, the golden earrings are either swung as hoop earrings or combined with gemstones, such as moonstone, green onyx, calcite and ruby. This design also takes up the category of silver plated silver pendants so you can create great combinations. Gold plated, this means that the earrings are made of 925 sterling silver and then covered with real gold. Our selection of shapes, colors of stones, different finishes and sizes is enormous. Anyone looking for a very high-quality, extravagant gift for a loved one, is also well advised with these treasures. And who appreciates the special, loves gilded silver earrings.
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