Silver Jewelry Sets

Silver jewelry sets are ideally assembled jewelry combinations, usually these consist of earrings and a pendant, but it can also be a bangle, a chain or a ring contained. Why look for something suitable from different subcategories for a long time, if you can have it easier? In this category we have put together jewelry sets from 925 sterling silver. So you will not only find a beautiful single piece, but several parts in the same design. Whether earrings and a pendant, or a necklace and a matching ring, with a set of silver jewelry is guaranteed to attract the looks. As far as earrings are concerned, earrings, earrings and stud earrings can be found here. We also stock silver sterling silver jewelry sets as well as sets that combine 925 sterling silver with other materials. For example, faceted, glittering cubic zirconia stones, iridescent mother-of-pearl, the typically grained shivaeye or various gemstones are popular.

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Silver jewelery combinations in different designs

In terms of size, shapes and colors, we are very diverse, after all, every customer should find something to his liking. If your set contains only a pendant and no chain, we would like to point out that we also sell simple, simple sterling silver snake chains, these Italian chains are available in different lengths and thicknesses. You are also in the category Sterling Silver under the name Silver Chains and Charm Bearers. Silver jewelry sets can be used many times, so they fit in everyday life, as well as on special and festive occasions. Silver jewelry has always been considered timeless and classic, it will never be outmoded. Of course, the same applies to our silver jewelery sets. Silver jewelery sets for special occasions Whether in the office, at a party or a celebration with an evening dress, our silver jewelery sets fit well everywhere. We offer you nicely tuned silver jewelery in discreet or big, conspicuous and partly glittering, according to your preferences. Also a set of ring and pendant with Shivaauge can be found here. Since the ring is adjustable, this set always fits. In addition, this set with Gekko motif is also suitable for men, most other silver sets are feminine playful and contain earrings (earrings or earrings), which makes them uninteresting for men. Except of course for men who are looking for a high-quality, timelessly beautiful gift for your sweetheart, these are guaranteed to find something here.
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