Silver Charms

Silver charms are tiny silver pendants with lobster clasp that allow you to decorate and make unique your favorite accessories such as mobile phone, handbag, bracelets and necklaces. We offer you a large selection of silver charms with very different designs and in different sizes. Whether you are looking for animals, keys, shoes, figurines, hearts, a snowflake or anything else, here you will find it guaranteed. Silver charms are more universal than pendants. The carabiner and the discreet size make them ideal for adding a personal touch to everyday life. And why should not it be of high quality? 925 sterling silver has the advantage that it lasts a long time: if it starts up, it can simply be polished again glossy. Even a bath in concentrated salt water works wonders against pollution of silver charms.

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Silver charm pendants

Of course, you can wear the small Charmanhänger also on a chain like a conventional pendant. If you are still looking for a matching necklace, in the category of sterling silver, we offer matching Charmträger. Lightning fast can be decorated with the silver charms instead of the chain but also the bracelet, the pencil case or the mobile phone. Or you can simply order several pieces of a design and create your own unique jewelry set of necklace, bracelet and matching cellphone charm. Even as a little gift ideas you can not really be wrong with the cute charms, especially not if they are made of classic and timeless 925 sterling silver. Do you feel like getting creative yourself? Come on, you can expect different motives, sizes, shapes and surfaces of the various silver charms. Silver Charms on Charm Bracelet With our large selection of different charms, you can assemble your own charm bracelet. You will find various motifs, some with glittering stones or colorful enamel. Whether silver charms with typical feminine motifs such as stiletto shoe, mirror, handbag or flip-flops, charms with hobby motifs such as ballet dancers, musicians, guard dancers, or tennis rackets - there is something for everyone here. Motifs that suit everyone, such as snowflake, keys, sunglasses or telephone can be found here. If you love animal design, you will find penguin, owl, fish or rabbit.
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