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Silver Chain

Silver chains and charm bearers are...
Silver chains and charm bearers are the basic building block if you want to put together your own jewelery. For what use is the most beautiful pendant without a matching necklace— And a delicately crafted charm pendant without a charm pendant— Therefore, we offer simple and elegant 925 sterling silver chains in different lengths. The shiny polished chains can be used as silver chains and Charmträger and necklace chains. Due to the design, every jewelry chain here is called Snake Chain. The chains are made in Italy with great care. Also, each one has a skin-friendly lobster clasp. Our Italian silver chains are available in 1 mm and 1.4 mm thickness, as well as in many different lengths. |-| Italian Sterling Silver Snake Chains ~~ The Silver Chains and Charm Bearers are brightly polished. If they turn dark over time, it is enough for themto polish. You may also put them in a concentrated salt bath. After that they look like new again. Because they are made of sterling silver, they remain timelessly beautiful. So it is possible in the future to acquire a variety of trailers and transform them in a flash into a great chain. Especially for silver pendants and pendants, which contain 925 sterling silver, this necklace is very suitable. As a basic accessory, the silver chains are indispensable, so they are also an ideal gift for everyone. Whether someone wants to attach his collected Charmanhänger to it, or uses them as a basis for various pendants is a matter of taste, in any case, with our silver chains everything is possible. It is also a matter of taste whether you wear your necklace long or very short, depending on the pendant dangles higher or lower. If you like combining yourself, you can use silver chains and charm carriers.
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