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Silver Brooches

Silver brooches and badges add value...
Silver brooches and badges add value to any outfit, especially if they are real handcrafted and made from high quality 925 sterling silver. You can find jewelry of this kind here. Many of our silver brooches are real Balinese artworks. Popular there is the motif of the Gekko, which is found in our various designs and variants. You want to make a garment more fashionable— Instead of boring everyday outfit set a highlight— Silver brooches and badges are the easiest way to do that. It is best to choose a brooch that suits you individually and shows something out of the ordinary. So you can then give any outfit, whether everyday or festive, a personal touch at will. |-| Silver pins and silver brooches in the Bali Style ~~ The designs of our pins are very diverse, often exotic. Also the sizes and surface finishes differ. Here the choice is not easy. Typical for Bali are theGecko pins, which are designed there in different patterns, be it with circles, spirals or even dark oxidized top. The geckos are unisex wearable and timeless. For example, if you are looking for a high-quality and unusual gift that never goes out of fashion, the gecko brooches would be our insider tip. Of course, our brooches and pins can also be combined with our silver earrings, silver ear plugs and silver pendants, as well as silver rings to great sets. Also in the area of ——Shivaauge we carry the Gecko motif in the rings and
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