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Our silver piercing jewelry is very...
Our silver piercing jewelry is very diverse, here are Curved Barbells or banana piercings for the navel, various nose rings, including nostrils and septums, and plugs and tunnels made of 925 sterling silver. Silver jewelery is well tolerated by most people, but also 925 sterling silver is never completely nickel free. So who is sensitive here, should rather resort to piercings from surgical steel. If you can wear silver ear plugs without any problems, you will not have any problems with our silver piercing jewelery. Silver piercings shine great and can be polished and thus preserve the shine. In addition, created by dark or bright oxidized silver many design options.Silver is inherently soft and slightly bendable, which is an advantage for some piercings, for example, the fake septa need some bending. |-| Silver piercings in different designs ~~ Partly our silver piercing jewelery consists of pure 925 sterling silver, partly it is combined with shivaeye, faceted glass crystals, real stones or was gilded. In the nose rings, more precisely the septums, we also offer the fake version, so deceptively real-looking piercings that you can infect completely without Piercingloch. Our tunnels and plugs feature popular motifs such as the tree and the flower of life, antique and ornate borders, hearts, a snowflake or a gothic cross. The same motifs can be found in the brass tunnels and septums, so you could combine them, in one ear a silver tunnel and in the other ear the same in gold. And also the septum rings can be used as earrings. Sets with silver piercing jewelryWithtall glitter jewelry "> Crystal Glitter jewelry.
Fake nose rings silver

Our fake nose rings silver offer the possibility to wear fake...

Navel piercing silver

Piercings with shivaeye are available for us as bananas navel...

Nose rings silver

Silver nose rings, ie septums and nostrils from our chic-net...

Tunnel silver

925 sterling silver is also represented in the tunnels silver...


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