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Silk thread jewelry

The selection of online store silk...
The selection of online store silk thread jewelry includes various types of jewelry such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Of course, these are not pure silk thread, but are combined with gemstones, pearls, wooden beads, glass beads, coral and faceted glass crystals. The beauty of silk thread jewelry is that it either very fine threads in golden or silver for filigree earrings or multi-layered chains gives, or can be made in Macramé style to a wider bracelet with closure and adjustment. The silk thread itself shimmers and shines, is stable, but at the same time very light. In addition, unlike stainless steel or sterling silver, it is also very soft, so that silk thread jewelry is comfortable to wear. silk threadsuitable for jewelry for all body parts, whether ears, neck, arm or anklets. |-| Silk thread as jewelry basis ~~ Silk thread makes wonderful pieces of jewelery, because it emphasizes the noble and high-quality character of gemstones or pearls. If these are combined with jewelery glittering with golden or silver shimmering thread, this looks more elegant than if metal links or silver bars connect the gemstones. Even long earrings with many stones or multi-layered chains with a plethora of pearls are so comfortably portable, because silk thread jewelry weighs not much. In addition, the golden or silver threads on an evening dress look very elegant. Silk thread jewelry is never cheap, it is also timeless and wearable for all ages. This type of jewelry is not subject to any short-lived trends and yet is always fashionable and popular. Silk thread jewelry for creative designsBecause small beads fit well in the silk thread
Silk thread bracelets

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Silk thread chains

Silk thread chains are very durable chains of silk thread, which...

Silk Thread Earrings

Silk thread earrings are especially rare. Discover multi-layered...


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