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Silk thread bracelets are both...
Silk thread bracelets are both elegant and sporty to match, depending on how you combine it with your outfit. Whether you are looking for an elegant dress or a sportive stand outfit in the summer, the silk thread wraps will suit any occasion. Our silk thread bracelets made of durable silk thread, which are processed with gemstones, pearls, crystals and different colored glass beads are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Each silk thread bracelet exudes its own unique charm, whether with pearls or crystals. All silk thread bracelets are hand-threaded and have a nickel-free metal clasp or loop and a nickel-free brass button clasp. Either they are multi-row and consist of silk thread bundles or of thin silk threads which one can wrap several times around the wrist. In our offer you will find silk thread bracelets made of fragments of crystal but also of coral. |-| Silk thread bracelets ~~ The Organic Jewelery processes what nature offers us. This includes the beautiful cultured pearls. Since cultured pearls are natural products, no pearl looks the same as the other and the shapes range from round to oval. No pearl resembles the other but is individual in its shape and color. But that's exactly what makes the bracelets made of pearls so charming. Due to their diversity in shape, color and size, freshwater pearls are very popular. The glass bead is one of the oldest jewels of humanity. Likewise, glass beads were formerly used as a means of payment, since glass beads were very popular and also easy to transport. Bracelets made of glass beads are therefore colorful and fit every occasion. Elegant and versatile can be combined with our silk thread bracelets.
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